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    Good blogs/web sites for computer security

    Yeah thanks man for info, I'm going to book mark this post!
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    Am I over-using my router?

    Yeah WRT54G's are pretty tough little devices and probably why they are so popular. I used to use one for a small office I worked at with the factory firmware on it. I had 3 VoIP lines, 5 computers, and our all our T-mobile wife cell phones all connected to it. It worked pretty good for the most...
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    Cisco sh runn problem

    "sh runn" should work as it is short for "show running-config". It works on my test router: brighthouse#sh runn Building configuration... Current configuration : 2664 bytes ! ! Last configuration change at 08:36:08 EST Wed Jul 7 2010 by admin ! NVRAM config last updated at 16:39:48 EST Sun...