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    Classic World of Warcraft Content Progression Revealed

    My experience was very different from that. On the server I was on, Stonemaul, there was only 1 top tier raiding guild on each faction. Because of that my guild maintained an active roster of well over 60 people - we had a 100 person ventrilo. This meant that on any given raiding night, we...
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    Classic World of Warcraft Content Progression Revealed

    I was in a top tier raiding guild who "cleared" vanilla wow. We were something like 14th or 17th in NA to beat WoW. It was a job, during AQ we reduced our raiding from 5 days, 4 hours a day down to 4x4 because of burnout. That wasn't including all the farming you had to do to be geared up and...
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    Tesla Crashes into River, Owner Claims It Accelerated on Its Own

    "The more I pushed the brakes, the more out of control it goes!"
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    Man Who Made Hoax Call In Deadly Swatting Seeks 20-Year Term

    If that isn't attempted murder, I don't know what is. Calling the cops for a noise complaint garners a very different threat level response (and threshold for lethal force) than telling them an armed suspect has committed murder, and is about to do some more.
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    Got a Spare $43,000? You Could Spend It All on This Monster Gaming PC

    Really cool, but I could not use it because I would a. spill tea into it, b. kill myself when I use it as a footrest.
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    Got a Spare $43,000? You Could Spend It All on This Monster Gaming PC

    43k and they're using a 9700k pleb edition instead of a 9900k /smh
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    Tesla Demonstrates Its New Security System Called Sentry Mode

    Of course the cookies are guarded by HAL, aka Skynet.
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    Samsung Unveils a Folding Smartphone

    That device is going to fail the bend test, when someone snaps the hinge by overflexing it.
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    PSA: Anthem's Open Demo Is Live until Tomorrow

    That name brings back so many memories. Loved the independent torso and 3D verticality. One of the missions that I still recall fondly was the one where you're fighting through a ship that crashed landed vertically, so everything was "on its side".
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    The Anti-Cheat System Is Broken in Battlefield V

    I used to play CS (pre 1.0) and DOD in those early competitive leagues like OGL. The admins were all corrupt and were cheating in subtle ways. The only difference between that and other servers is the ones that would admit it. In fact in league play, how admins verified walling was through...
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    AdoredTV: What Is Zen 2?

    I have dual dimm double sided Samsung-B die, which is better than double sided whatever else is available. Quad dimm single sided Samsung-B die is worse. The only worse configuration you could do is quad dimm double sided Samsung-B die, because Hynix is off the table unless the goal is to...
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    The Anti-Cheat System Is Broken in Battlefield V

    Yeah those days... "Really" good headphones and putzing about with the interp settings... Which actually translates into lots of wallhacks, prefiring, and netcode exploitation. Luckily aimbots were terrible.
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    AdoredTV: What Is Zen 2?

    Yeah, I am running 32gb in 2 dimms after all. There's really only 1 legitimate worse setup and that'd be 16gbx4. At launch, my ram could only do 2667, 2933 wouldn't even post. So the fact it's running 2933 is already a massive improvement. I didn't bother testing 3200 too long, not after...
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    AdoredTV: What Is Zen 2?

    At 3200, my USB 2 ports quite literally dissapear. Haven't bothered testing new bios for OC, not after a dissappointing 3.825ghz @1.45v.