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    NAS suggestion

    You can build an unRaid box out of about anything, use any size drives, run Docker for things like Plex server to stream from and get a ROKU That is what I do. Good luck
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    Finalizing decision on new case for Skylake build: one important question remains

    You should not have any issues with either of those cases
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    Light bars for DDR4 & 16 or 32gb?

    could also get these
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    Microsoft Accused Of Releasing 'Worst Patch Yet' For Windows 10

    The biggest issue with Win10 is that it forces updates unless you run Pro version and use a group policy to stop them. Not all updates are bad, but some have caused serious issue and I rather not be the first to get them.
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    2011 v3 or 1151 questions on upgrade path.

    get whatever is cheaper
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    Upgrading my case, please help me!!

    As the owner of a 450D I will tell you go get the Enthoo Pro M, the 450D is a good case, but you will be happier with the Pro M.
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    SilverStone TD03 Slim AIO Liquid Cooler Review

    Not really that small, not as good as the air cooler they compared it to and the mounting system appears to be crappy.
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    Familiar with Fractal Define R5? Help me configure this case please

    Do not set a computer case on carpet, there are tons of inexpensive flat surfaces you can purchase from your local hardware store. Hell, I would sit in on a piece of cardboard if needed, just do not put it on carpet.
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    Corsair Carbide Series 600Q EATX Case Review @ [H]

    The R5 is better if you need mass storage and this is the primary reason I chose it, but for silence I think the Corsair is going to be a better choice. The point he makes about the bottom mounted RAD is accurate. The R5 is very noisy with the top open.
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    Print Books On The Rise Again In The US

    I do not see the point in physical books. I do get one from the library if it is my only choice, but usually I can borrow the ebook without having to go there. I am not against physical books, but I love my kindle and it is my preferred way to read. I guess it is great that those of you who...
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    need membory help with Asus Z170-A

    QVL is BS ignore it.
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    Corsair Carbide Series 600Q EATX Case Review @ [H]

    Case seems overly large for no reason, it has very few hard drive mounts for such a large case. It also seemed like there wasn't that many tie downs for cable management on the back. That is really the only negative I can think of. Seems like a solid choice.
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    mATX Case

    Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Everything about it is good.
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    ASUS Will NOT Replace my Mobo After I Damaged it Myself.

    At no point did the OP say he didn't do the damage, in fact his last comment implies he did do that damage but didn't think it could have impacted the boards functionality. It sucks yes, but he should have been more careful. ASUS Tech support is lacking I agree, but if you damage the PCB...