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    Home Network overhaul 10gig SFP+/multigig/wifi/router

    I'm looking to finally do the network overhaul I've been thinking about for a while, so I need to figure out what equipment to buy. I've been looking around but don't have much of an idea what's good or what all is out there. I need 10gig for a programming project I want to do. I'm also...
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    The 6500xt and 6400: Meet your next gpu, PC gaming peasants.

    Newegg had a Sapphire available for $199.99 + $10 S&H late last night but it's sold out now. They also added the $300 triple fan Gigabyte, so they're up to 5 models in stock at $270-300.
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    The 6500xt and 6400: Meet your next gpu, PC gaming peasants.

    Newegg has 4 models in stock. 3 at $269 and one at $279. One of the $269 ones has free shipping, the rest are $10 to ship. That's actually an increase from last night when they had 3 models in stock. My local Microcenter has "limited availability - buy in store" status on 4. The ASRock is...
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    New 5900X rig suddenly running sluggish (need help identifying & solving)

    They could be coming from just about anything. Among other things, such as the NIC telling the CPU it got a packet, interrupts are used for error handling. So just about anything that's broken/dying or has a bad driver could end up spewing them. It would be really useful to find out what the...
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    My 2013 build with 2020 bottleneck challenge: I need your help!

    The 1x 2242 M.2 slot on your board is a WiFi card slot. That's a weird size and slow for an SSD, but it's totally standard for a WiFi card. There are basically 3 types of PCI-e cards that allow you to add M.2 SSDs to a machine. 4x models that support 1 SSD, 8x and 16x models that support 2 or...
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    My 2013 build with 2020 bottleneck challenge: I need your help!

    All the ones you listed will be fine. As a general rule PCI-e cards and CPUs/boards are backwards compatible plus the NV 600-2000 series and Ivy Bridge (3xxx) - Comet Lake (10xxx) are all PCI-e 3.0. I checked your board and it has a UEFI bios, so that'll be fine. The only things you might...
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    Win10 update problem on old Laptop

    A failing disk could also explain update problems and slow performance. I just replace any disk that has bad sectors showing up at the OS level. Hard drives have spare sectors they remap failing sectors to internally so they're not visible to the OS but will show up in disk utilities that...
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    Does Chrome OS suck?

    I just installed CloudReady on a Windows netbook I shouldn't have bought 5 years ago. It's a Lenovo Flex 3-1130 with a Celeron N3060 and 2GB of ram, soldered of course. It wasn't really usable for running a browser under Windows 10, but seems to work ok now. The only thing I've tried that...
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    The 6500xt and 6400: Meet your next gpu, PC gaming peasants.

    No, not looking good at all. So far the only model that looks like it has any RGB on it is the ASUS Dual Radeon™ RX 6500 XT OC Edition 4GB GDDR6, and it only has a tiny little RGB stripe. What are they thinking! At least there's a little hope from Gigabyte in the Radeon™ RX 6500 XT GAMING OC...
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    RTX 3050: PC Gaming's answer to the Series S

    I haven't seen any pricing from AIBs yet but there are plenty of models. Official MSRP is $249 and there will probably be some that that price on launch day to appease NVidia (there were some $329 3060s, so I'm expecting a...
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    Do I need to upgrade?

    If I remember correctly from your thread over in vid cards you're running a 60Hz 4k screen. I don't think I'd bother upgrading your CPU for gaming unless you get a high refresh screen first. That'll change eventually, but it could easily take a few years. For other stuff, IMHO 3800X->5800X...
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    Intel Iris Xe vs Intel Iris Plus vs GTX 1650 vs Ryzen

    After a little digging, it looks like Iris Xe trades blows with the 5000 series Ryzens, so maybe hunting for AMD isn't necessary as long as you can find one with Iris Xe.
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    Screwed by EVGA

    The first time I entered the shuffle in summer 2021 I asked for an RTX 3060Ti. Got it first time. No combo either. I can't provide more data since I haven't tried since. Got a 3090 and a 3060Ti and I'm good for now and probably at least until next gen comes out.
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    How can I know why this laptop is benchmarking at 60% of what it should ?

    Yep. Raising PL1 (aka the long term power limit) is what you'd want to do for sustained performance. That is, of course, if the rest of the system can take it. Just because it can run at 60C with the fan not working too hard doesn't mean they didn't cheap out somewhere else. I haven't played...
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    How can I know why this laptop is benchmarking at 60% of what it should ?

    This sounds like power limits rather than a CPU temp issue since it's only at 60C and the fan isn't working hard. The "official" setup for Intel chips has involved 2 different power limits for a while. There's the lower one they publish as "TDP", which they are supposed to be able to run at...