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  1. Y Deals 11/24

    9500GT doesn't have free shipping?
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    Low PPD with 4 GPU on XP

    Well got it fixed, but thought I put an update. Yes, it was the mixing the 4 different GPUs that was causing the issue. I can run 4 GPUs on a dual core no problem, I used Bill2's Affinity Changer to force 2 of the fahcore_11.exe to run on each CPU core. Summary: Match GPUs, 4GPUs can run on...
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    Low PPD with 4 GPU on XP

    Seems like the PPD isn't as high as it could be. I also tried using Bill2's Affinity Changer so that 2 GPU Clients will use one of the CPU cores, but doesn't seem to do anything. I also tried reinstalling the Forceware Drivers with uninstall and driver cleaner. Still nothing. Only running these...
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    Great Deal from KFA2/Galaxy

    I suggest checking a few other places first Remember, TigerDirect shipping cost is around $8. So total would be $113AR.
  5. Y Deals 7/21

    Can we get free shipping or additional discounts on either of these 2 motherboards?
  6. Y Deals 4/14

    Bring back this case please :)
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    Free Raffle from and MicroTemp

    Free stuff for the win.
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    Abit IP35-E Motherboard only $60 at NewEgg AR (for those $200 Q6600 Quads)

    Abit RMA has been superb for me. Submitted a request Sunday, got my RMA # Monday afternoon. They received it Wednesday (according to FedEX tracking) got notification and sent out my board by Thursday. Got the new board back Monday. 1 week turn around looks pretty good to me.
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    Microcenter 200 dollar Q6600

    I mean link to the newsletter..
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    Microcenter 200 dollar Q6600

    link please?
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    Microcenter 200 dollar Q6600

    Where did this information come from?
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    Cooler Master 690 $35 shipped w/ no rebates

    There isn't free shipping. I even get charged $12 to ship the stacker and I'm like 10 miles away from their HQ.
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    Fry's B&M motherboard clearance YMMV

    The only IP35-e left around the LA area is in Burbank. City of Industry only has the AB9 left. The IP35 Pros are gone from all the stores.
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing