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    How to get a Ryzen 1700 and motherboard for free -- (buy a System - sell off extra parts on eBay)

    I'm checking in to stay abreast of any hot deals. Could use an upgrade to my rig...
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    Gaming channel videos camera required

    If I were you, I'd use the best camera that I have available at the time I felt like capturing video.
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    Post Pictures of your Console Setups! All Generations

    Xbox One / PC gaming / streaming setup Details at
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    Also consider Turtle Beach's EarForce DSS for surround. I have the first-generation EarForce DSS connected to my Xbox One using an optical cable, and it outputs Dolby Digital. Drives my Sennheiser HD650 just fine. Edit: Wanted to answer OP better... Console / gaming headsets aren't all that...
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    Rise of Iron

    Anyone playing on XB?
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    Twitch Users? May defect from Twitch one day...
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    Logitech warranty is pretty legit.

    They're pretty good with issues that crop up under warranty. IIRC, I spoke with US-based customer support staff when I first contacted Logitech in December 2010 about my failing MX500. My most recent call regarding my G700 as of a few days ago was handled by an international call center. No...
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    Logitech warranty is pretty legit.

    My situation is quite similar. The G700 was purchased at 50% off during my first interaction with Logitech US customer service back in December 2010 to replace an MX500 with soft LMB switch failure. Just out of curiosity, when did you contact them about your MX Revolution with the double click...
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    Logitech warranty is pretty legit.

    Getting told I'm SOL on out of warranty support for my G700 (4.5 years), pretty miffed given that the middle click button's mechanical failure still happens with new Logitech mice. They no longer offer discounts on their products if your existing product is out of warranty and you want to stick...
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    Destiny - Discussion Thread

    I hopped on to watch them wipe a few times. Comments were something else during the stream. Starting to play the No Land Beyond in Crucible, and find myself switching weapons after each shot like it's the AWP :/
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    Destiny - Discussion Thread

    It's not a bad game. You can bet that with the experience I've had so far, I'll be very excited for news on the sequel. Iron Banner is back up this week, and I could use some fellow PvP fanatics to hold down objectives with. Just throwing that out there, if anyone is still playing.
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    Can I get some ideas for improving my personal website?

    I see. Ultimately I want it to just be a good personal website. One that engages the audience, and encourages them to dig around a bit, no matter how they ended up there. And it would be cool to monetize it in a non-spam fashion, something that people feel good about. I tried to do this to some...
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    Can I get some ideas for improving my personal website?

    Sorry guys, I hate to be that guy. I've been mulling the purpose of the site... Initially I just wanted to share the petroleum engineering notes that I'd taken throughout college, and to blog a little. I wrote an article about adding bluetooth to old receivers, which got me thinking more...
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    Can I get some ideas for improving my personal website?

    Hi guys I've been writing on my wordpress blog for the past couple of years. It's my little playground, so the content tends to range as wide as my interests do I'd like to make my website better. I can leverage Google Analytics to help put some data behind my decision-making, but I'm...
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    Destiny - Discussion Thread

    Played the daily heroic after reset on my Warlock. It's the Black Garden mission, which is really too long for its own good, but I opted to do it for the Vex kills. Primarily used the pulse rifle "Three Little Words," one of the game's high-impact low ROF pulse rifles. 10% more damage is great...