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    Laptops and a server

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    FS: Sony Xperia XA1 Black Phone: $100 shipped

    I'll take it if still available. My Heatware is in my sig, and I pay immediately upon agreement.
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    Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium

    Getting this to replace my Z5 Premium. Can't wait!
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    Facebook Answers Calls for a Dislike Button with “Downvote” Feature

    I've resorted to using the ignore button for this. It's helped WONDERS in any AMD-related thread.
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    i5 2500k, Asus Z68VPRO, 8GB DDR3

    Payment sent via PayPal
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    i5 2500k, Asus Z68VPRO, 8GB DDR3

    I'll take it all / YGPM
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    EVGA 1080 FE for Sale! $600

    Already bought one last week, otherwise I'd be tempted. This is a great deal
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    This is a great price. If the games were physical I'd have already bought it (and I already have a Switch). GLWS!
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    Just can't find a good computer chair...

    You can... 1) Go to a store and sit in them before buying 2) Go to an office, see which chair you find comfortable, and consider getting serious about your purchase by buying something that may be more expensive than what you initially had in mind or 3) Continue wasting a bunch of time...
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    Electric Cars Likely Won't Save You Money

    If you're on a tiny island in the Pacific, why are you concerned with what car you drive? Sounds like you need to get a bicycle if the place is so small.
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    FS: Evga GTX 1080 SC Video Card

    Payment sent via PayPal. This is going into a spoiled kid's gaming rig for games. He'd thank you if he weren't so spoiled, so I'll do it instead:
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    FS: Evga GTX 1080 SC Video Card

    I'll take it if still available / YGPM
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    Any ideas on how I could fit 6 more hard drives into my Fractal R4 case?

    I know you're probably in love with it, but did you ever consider just upgrading to a larger case that fits your needs? There are many RAID cages that you can buy to convert your 2 optical bays to support 3 3.5" drives, but that adds an additional cost of at least $50 and still leaves you a...