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    27 inch Gaming Monitor Recommendation

    Hello, I'm looking for a recommendation for a 27 inch gaming monitor. I have a Nivida GTX 970 and would like to setup three panels. My plan is to setup 180 degrees of viewing for iracing and play Starcraft II and Battlefield. Your advice is appreciated. Thanks, George
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    Haha. I love your background. It might give me anxiety though.
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    Windows Boot Issues: Possible Hard Drive Issue

    I forgot to mention when I boot Ubuntu some software will run, but after awhile it crashes.
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    Windows Boot Issues: Possible Hard Drive Issue

    I've got an older rig that blue screens when I boot up with Windows 7. Sometimes in loads to a black screen. I ran the Windows 7 memory test and it found an error but doesn't give much information regarding the error. I'm assuming the hdd is bad. Are there any tools that can be used to check...
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    When do you retire a PSU?

    When the PSU fails I generally retire it. Generally I keep my last three computer builds around. When I retire old rigs (generally 6 years old or more) I hack apart the power supply and modify it to provide DC voltage for electronics projects.
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    iPhone Air ( iPhone 6 ) September

    Interesting. Providing a 4.7" or bigger screen option is probably a good idea. That's one of the reasons I went from an iPhone to an S4.
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    Post your Mouse and Keyboard pics

    Everyone is putting me to shame. I'm clacking away on my MBA keyboard and touchpad.
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    ZFS RaidZ2 Homeserver - build log

    This looks really sick. Thanks for sharing. Is this for personal or professional use?
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    Finally did it...what OS to run

    Keep us informed as you go. I'm really curious to see what your build looks like in the end including the OS.
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    Clone HDD to smaller SSD

    Is TODO a good option for most operating systems?
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    Help!! Win 8 Storage Space suddenly says its needs to be Formatted

    I agree with this. Best of luck. System failure sucks to deal with.
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    Looking for advice on improving a very simple but critical backup situation.

    What are some good options for network attached storage that can interface with a variety of machines with different operating systems?
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    When is a good time to buy a laptop?

    If you get stuck with Vista you may have to use XP compatability mode in Vista to get some of the tools you need to work. I had a problem running wookie, an assembly compiler, in Vista even with compatability mode on it wouldn't work.
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    Target Will Become More Accessible to Blind

    This will be interesting.
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    Dell Quarterly Report

    Glad to see Dell is going well. They do a good job of utilizing global production and have pretty good customer service.