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    Quietest Stock 4850/4870?

    The new dual slot Sapphires are extremely quiet when you set manual fan control. I set mine to 40% and the card never gets above 55-57c.
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    Nvidia/ Evga introduces BSOD Sister..PSOD(a defect of some sort)with gt260/280 series

    I put an eVGA 9800GT in my wife's PC and woke up to the same thing right before xmas. Swapped it for a 9600GT with no issues, but seems odd this is plaguing multiple models?
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    Alternative to 8800gt

    I just dumped my 9800GT a couple weeks ago, but I found the 179.24s to be a better choice for the G92 and LOTRO.
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    4850 or 4870 for me?

    If you hold on to video cards for a while, I'd get the HD4870. If you are upgrading EVERYTHING when you build your new rig, HD4850.
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    Is the 4850 good enough?

    I got my 4870 a few weeks ago because my new display runs at 1920x1200, you can pick up a decent 4870 with a much better cooler for under $200 now.
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    Intel’s Processor Price List December 2008

    Overall I have no complaints with Intel pricing, there is something for every budget, but I really hope we get some competition from AMD this coming year so we can see some price movement on that chart.
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    Should You Buy Blu-ray?

    If you can't see the difference between upscaled DVD and even 720p you are blind.
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    Any new PPUs?

    Since several people in this debate have stated that support from EA is relevant to the success of PhysX, I think it has a place. If the game has PhysX support but no one buys it due to DRM it kind of cancels out the positive, doesn't it?
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    Any new PPUs?

    This has nothing to do with feelings, but play it how you feel you must.
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    Which card for $200-$250?

    1920x1200, runs everything I have thrown at it. Right now that would include LOTRO/Moria w/DX10 client, Fallout 3, The Witcher EE, Tomb Raider Underworld, Far Cry 2 and Crysis. With the exception of Crysis I have everything on high/very high with 2-8xAA and 16xAF and most titles stay near 60fps...
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    Which card for $200-$250?

    Bang for the buck right now would go to the Sapphire HD4870, $179 with an excellent non-reference cooler. I grabbed one last week and it's outstanding for the price.
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    Any new PPUs?

    Which claims, the well known DRM scheme they use on all new games or the numerous previews that show Cryostasis running at 35fps on a GTX260? If you honestly aren't aware of either of these then you aren't qualified to use the Internet any longer, please close your browser and go outside.
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    High Resolution Gaming Overrated: 4850/Warhead nice at 1024x768 4xAA on 24" Monitor

    No one is taking it personal, we just all know that what you are claiming has no basis in reality. If you are happy with a stretched and blurry image that is great, but don't try and convince everyone it's equal to running at native res or that is just doesn't matter.
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    High Resolution Gaming Overrated: 4850/Warhead nice at 1024x768 4xAA on 24" Monitor

    I'm glad you are okay with this but I think you are really only trying to convince youreself. The screenshots are irrelevant as they don't represent the stretched and blurry image your eyes are seeing on screen. No doubt your video card is rendering that image, but I doubt it is what you are...
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    AHCI- enable or disable?

    I've enabled it on my last 3 systems with no issues playing music or games, of course YMMV.