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    Is it a scam?

    If you do you just might get a bolt in the box and a seller that no longer exists.
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    20 year old [H] photoshopped image I found on an old HDD.

    I'd love to have that in 4K.
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    Thermaltake case

    I think he's more concerned about the resistor. Looks like an unused resistor that may have been left in or fell into the case. It didn't fall out of anything because it still has it's legs which are cut off once soldered onto the PCB. Or, they forgot to solder it in place which I find...
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    Diehard Nexus/Pixel user goes 12 Pro Max

    Dark theme as soon as I turn it on for the first time. iOS or Android, no matter.
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    How many games have you refunded?

    Not a single one.
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    ridiculously adorable mini tower heatsink

    That thing costs more than the gorb did. I had a gorb. It did the job.
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    How many SSD drives have you purchased?

    You guys aren't real [H]. I bought 12 just in the second half of 2020. 26 total purchased.
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    Need a little help choosing a motherboard

    I don't have a Ryzen CPU but I've researching for my own purchase. I would stay away from ASUS . They don't honor their warranties. I have come to the conclusion that I will be buying the Gigabyte Aorus Master X570.
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    Are there any Bluetooth replacement technologies on the horizon?

    I have no problems with any Bluetooth device, be it speakers, my car, computers, headsets or anything else.
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    Your CPU progression

    Update Currently using the following: Something S1156 I bought from someone here in 2013 that runs my WHS2K11 box 2 AMD 8320Es Home Theater and WS2012 Essentials Core i7 4820K Core i9 7940X
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    Naming your systems - how do you pick?

    If it's a gaming rig its named after a Greek or Norse god. My current gamer is Thor. My previous was Zeus. Everything else is called what it does and if there are more than one then they get a number as well.
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    what browser do you use

    FF most of the time, Chrome and Edge for anything from work.
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    What are scariest characters in games?

    The Spitters from L4D1 and 2 creep me the hell out. That long neck....... And the half man half scorpions from Serious Sam.