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    I think I've reached an odd point in my gaming hobby.

    I finally decided to call it quits after many 'false starts' in trying to rekindle my interest in it. After 19 years as a self-described PC gamer, I sold my machine off piece-by-piece two weeks ago. The Mac is now my only computer, and though it's capable of gaming, it's unlikely to ever see a...
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    NVIDIA Unveils The Titan X At GDC 2015

    Honestly... I'll settle for the box.
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    Apple "Spring Forward" Event

    If you prefer mice to trackpads, you'll be in the same situation with a MacBook as you would be with any other notebook: wanting a mouse. Getting a different notebook only affords you the opportunity to use wired mice without a dongle, though considering the Magic Mouse is both A) excellent and...
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    Apple "Spring Forward" Event

    VGA adapter? I don't recommend that you pair a 2015 notebook to a display device with a twenty-something-year-old analog interface.
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    Is THIS the SteamBox?

    That's easily the worst thing I've ever seen.
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    Gonna Play Oblivion, what mods should i get?

    I wouldn't say it needs to be totally vanilla, but when it comes to gameplay-altering mods, players should understand what the problems are before they start bringing things in to try and fix them with mods. I think Oblivion is a pretty broken game, but another person might really like the...
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    Walking Sims and Exploration Games

    You're joking (or half-joking), but DayZ for all its faults is actually a decent exploration game. They're adding some interesting areas in the standalone worth looking at. Not quite what the op is looking for in terms of something that's narrative-driven, but the narrative is what happens...
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    Gsync vs: 144hz

    144 is a number — 144 Hz is a frequency ;)
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    Antialiasing vs downsampling -- which is preferred?

    Downsampling is anti-aliasing. Do you mean multisample anti-aliasing? If so, you should use MSAA when performance is at a premium and add downsampling to the mix (in tandem with MSAA) when not. Because monitors are not free and desks are rarely deep enough.
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    Is Apple making an 'iPad Pro' with a stylus?

    I'm racking my brain as to what was confusing about my question.
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    What is proper way to deal with a function that has multiple return paths?

    If you're checking for exceptions "throughout your entire program", you probably aren't leveraging the fact that exceptions propagate through the call stack and can be caught (and potentially dealt with) at higher levels. Just because a function may throw an exception doesn't mean you have to...
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    Is Apple making an 'iPad Pro' with a stylus?

    What does cost have to do with the utility of those features?
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    Is Apple making an 'iPad Pro' with a stylus?

    And digital pens aren't, as Jobs would put it, "good ideas". They're just an input option wih fairly limited overall value for the majority of users. Compare the real-world utility of something like Touch ID or Apple Pay to the real-world utility of digital inking and they aren't even in the...
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    How do you programatically send a text message?

    I've used Twilio. Amazon also runs a similar service.