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    Dr. Disrepect Respect thread

    That dude ain't making 3.5 mil a month. Ninja is light years better and he makes like a mil a month
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    Toasty - The Division 2 & All DLC 85% off

    Yes, because I can read.
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    Toasty - The Division 2 & All DLC 85% off

    If only there was a summary button to click.
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    Dr. Disrepect Respect thread

    His videos only get like 33k views in twitch. He is absolute trash and a piece of garbage human being
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    Dr. Disrepect Respect thread

    Dude only has 1.4 mil subscribers. I doubt he is one of the most watched streamers.
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    Ninja explains how new physics engine could "reset Fortnite completely"

    His net worth for 2019 is only about $15 mil.
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    New AMD Wraith Prism CPU Cooler Shows up With Six Heat Pipes

    Did I mention anything about actually needing one? My 6700k came with no fan my 3700x did.
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    New Star Wars movie to be made by Ragnarok director

    This is probably good. Taika made Thor fun again and JoJo Rabbit was damn awesome.
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    AMD 600-Series Chipset Expected to Land Before 2020 Ends

    My chipset fan never kicks on except for when I first boot up or if I manually turn the fan on for test. Your fears are misplaced.
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    Corsair iCUE 3.24.52 out

    Yeah, read the second post. The picture is about you.
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    Corsair iCUE 3.24.52 out
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    Rumor - RTX 3080

    I Thought he was quitting YouTube because he was moving and wanted to spend time with his family.
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    California's new data and privacy rights in effect as of today - Microsoft pledges US-wide applicati

    They made 50 mil selling the info last year.