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    Pennsylvania Proposes Tax on Mature Video Games Due to Violence, School Shootings

    Then they have to tax all TV sitcoms, cop shows and anything with a gun where somebody gets blown up. What a bunch of village idiots. We can all can watch Winnie the Poo. Sounds like something CA would do, after all they are now going after all you text messages with a tax, no,no a fee, excuse me.
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    VW Says Combustion Cars Will Fade Away after 2026

    I have a feeling that it will be VW that fades away. Doesn't anybody understand what Osmosis is? Any thing that is green and grows on this planet needs Carbon Dioxide. Plants and trees take it in as food and give us back Oxygen. We are very fortunate here in the US our climate is relatively...
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    California Officially Becomes First in Nation Mandating Solar Power for New Homes

    I left CA a year and a half ago, never to return. When I bought a Hybrid it was cool and then they tacked on 100 bucks to the license fee. They call it a fee not a tax. What do you think the village idiots will do to a mandatory solar home. " Oh your not paying your fair share, "Kaching." Now...
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    Graffiti Targeting Amazon, Jeff Bezos Illustrates Animosity toward Tech Giant in Seattle

    I hope this file upload works. Dr Phil interview,The little bimbo wants her Mom to buy here a Lambo, 250k. She can't live on her monthly allowance, 2.5k, she does not want to work. You go girl Seattle awaits you. Is this what we are coming to?
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    Bill Gates Is Donating $12 Million to Help Develop a Universal Flu Vaccine

    Stuff that was eradicated is now coming back across our open boarders. Hepatitis A is all the way up to Orange County now. TB is back on a big roll, Mumps, Polio, Measles, all kinds of Influenza. And then there are the new strains of sexually transmitted diseases. Get a flu shot, yep that will...
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    AMD Releases New Chipset Drivers

    MSI Carbon x399, 1920 threadripper @3700. 32 GB Patriot 3400 Ram, Asus Strix Vega 64 stock speed, 34 inch LG WS @ 3440x1440 freesync. (replaced an EGVA 1080 SC v2 to see what would happen.) Installed this chip set driver, Installed the latest video driver from AMD, 18340. I can say the Vega is...
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    GDDR6 Slated for Next-Gen NVIDIA GPUs, Mass Production in 3 Months

    And as I was standing in line at Microcenter check out register with my $1k in hand, they smiled had their way with me and then asked how I was going to finance the balance. The guy in the next line over plunked down his mega bucks in cash and got the only card they had.
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    AMD FreeSync Coming to Xbox One S and Xbox One X

    I bought a 34 inch 3440x1440 LG which has free sync. I use a NVidia 1080 video card. Of course there is no free sync with the card, BUT, when I turn free sync on in the LG it does increase the refresh rate to 75Hz from 60. The LG is rated for this.
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    Judge Bans Sophomore From Violent Video Games After Threat

    You have head of SWATING have you not? You know where that one AH got the kid killed. How about going into a movie theater and start yelling FIRE. In the mass exit stamped several people get trampled. But it was just a joke right. "I'm gonna shoot up a school", bad choice of words you little...
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    Kentucky Governor Blames Video Games for Florida School Shooting

    How about the Dumb Ass administration retards at the school or any other place they have posted as a gun free zone. They have just painted a Bulls Eye on the back of anybody in attendance. How about using Armed Plain Clothes Security. Obviously anybody that walks in with a weapon makes it about...
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    Intel Has a Big Problem. It Needs to Act Like It

    Just my gut feeling, "Bend over boys, you are abut to get boned." They might even throw so sand in the grease. This is what I am loosing: 5930 6 core, Asus MB. 6950x 10 core, Asus MB. I did not buy this cpu for a 30% reduction in speed. I do not see Asus or Intel coming up with any acceptable...
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    Radical Startup Invents the World’s First Zero-Emissions Fossil-Fuel Power Plant

    In Marion County Oregon we have had an emission free incinerator for some time. Burns trash, makes heat and spins a turbine for generating electricity. It works but is expensive to maintain. It is the only one in the state.
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    Study: Electric Cars Already Cheaper to Own and Run than Petrol or Diesel

    They already did this in the POS Socialist State of Kalifornia. Hybrid or Electric that will be a $100 surcharge on your annual registration fee and they don't even say please. But then they just raised state tax on gas and diesel fuel too. Welcome to the highest taxed state in the union. Dumb...
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    WMO: Carbon Pollution Touched 800,000-Year Record in 2016

    According to Al Gore San Francisco Airport should have been covered by at least 7 inches of water by now. I just left that POS State, I lived in the hills above SFO. Mud flats are still there when the tide goes out, incoming tide has not risen a half inch above normal. So who was standing out...