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    Should I ditch the Norco RPC 4224?

    i have couple norcos aswel but it is harder to find right sas backplanes for those.. there is atleast one dead hdd slot already in one case and it would be nice to replace.. back in the days i ordered some but those were wrong and didnt fit.. i got those yellow ones and i have green ones...
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    HP SAS Expander Owner's Thread

    Personaly i have 2-3 connected LSI 9211 cards + 4 x HP SAS Expanders connected and never had any issues and if needed.. easily fixed in bios..
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    Baby Sonic is the new Baby Yoda

    Not even a long shot.. there is no competition between those 2.. i am 31 years old guy and baby yoda is just so cute <3 <3 <3 :D makes my cold heart melt :D
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    *Official* Norco data storage products thread look from their own site?
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    Enterprise drive in a home file server - advice? noise, reliability, etc

    plus u gotta always remember that chain is strong as its weakest point.. no matter what hdd it is, if psu is bad, going bad or smth happens.. it can insta fry ur hdd.. always get a good psu, keep it clean and get ups unit.. gives so much more time for your parts..
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    File/Media Server Upgrade thoughts

    I know how those goes.. i have 4x4U racks ;) add better fans if those are some slow fans :P
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    File/Media Server Upgrade thoughts

    if hdds are getting hot.. check out fans and cases always needs a bit dustin time to time.. dust piles up really fast and kills everything.. ofcourse depenting of your location but still gotta be carefull with the dustie.. :)
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    Advise need in building a 15x8TB Raid array.

    well it isnt perfect.. i guess nothing is really perfect.. except maybe own backups + cloud combo... and drivepool itself also needs proper settings so it would work properly for snapraid.. And yes drivepool itself makes one letter yes but there is also a need for snapraid to get data...
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    Advise need in building a 15x8TB Raid array.

    data and parity disks are seperate disks.. no need to pool those like u mentioned.. if u are planning to add more disks later.. i would recommend to use windows mounting system so letters wont end in WIN.. less hazzle when u are above letter amounts.. and those data disks u can pool and parity...
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    Advise need in building a 15x8TB Raid array.

    in snapraid those are eather data disks or parity disks.. u can add those to settings file :) and with unraid u dont need or even cant use stablebits drivepooling.. for 14 disks.. u can make 1 pool what contains all data disks and no parity disks involved.. so.. just with 14 disks and if 2...
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    Advise need in building a 15x8TB Raid array.

    why dont u just do simple softraid with lets say 11-12 data drives and 2-3 paritys..?
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    Server locking up, constantly needing hard reset.

    memtest for rams .. and i would also check out in whatkind of condition windows hdd/ssd is.. with hdsentinel or hdtune or some other software... is also cool soft for stressing Also remember to...
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    Advise need in building a 15x8TB Raid array.

    Nobody really knows how long parts can last.. they can last a week or 10 years.. :) Personaly i use UPS systems for protecting from lightnings and power outtages.. But you can do alot to make them last longer.. keep them cool.. have a good psu giving those parts good energy.. get ups and give...
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    Advise need in building a 15x8TB Raid array.

    it isnt always matter of cpu or how much data it can eat without pooppin.. big issue in that will also be how fast sata ports are.. how fast hdds are.. system is fast as its weakest link.. and ofcourse raid system itself how u are gonna build it.. there are really good options in this thread to...
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    Advise need in building a 15x8TB Raid array.

    it deppens of your hardware :) if it is moped hardware, slow controllers aswell and performance is limited per drive speeds.. it will take a long time.. Best software.. it is prolly a matter of taste.. i personaly use snapraid + stablebit drivepool combo... there is other options aswell like...