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    Microcenter Powerspec Duplicator i3 Mini 3d printer, shipped!

    Doing very well in Dallas (though COVID-19 had some negative effect I'm sure). The 4 Fry's stores in the metroplex on the other is a wonder they are still in business.
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    iPhone 12 Won't Include Charger Or EarPods In Box

    Obviously you have to purchase a Google USB-C to Headphone adapter! "Use your favorite 3.5mm headphones with your Pixel and Pixel Slate, or connect to your sound system, with the compact USB-C adapter."
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    Adata XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB smokes

    Little extreme there..... maybe your experiences during the PATA100 days was different than mine....when getting more than a year out of a hard drive was considered decent.
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    John Carmack Had Minecraft VR Running On Oculus Quest

    Minecraft on Rift is a pretty cool experience. Especially in creative being able to fly around.
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    Portable SSD make a huge difference over a portable normal hard drive ?

    Depends on your needs. If you are just saving a small file here and there or watching movies, then a regular hard drive isn't a problem, especially for the price versus capacity. But if you are going to be accessing lots of files in random location, then an SSD would be noticeable. My real...
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    Western Digital SMR Drives: the class-action lawsuit and the performance impact

    I have a Seagate 6TB SMR drive and it is awful after about 40-50GB of continuous writes. I ended up using Microsoft Storage Spaces and combining it with some other drives just to offset the speed issue. But you can still see the up/down swing of transfer speed on large backups. If your goal is...
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    Anyone else having poor experience with touch/hand tracking on Rift S?

    The cable is official product ordered from Oculus website and shipped from Facebook. The cable was immediatly noticable. I have been unwinding the headset when the kids were done with for a couple months trying to prolong the lifespan of the old cable. So I was pretty used to the feel of the...
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    Anyone else having poor experience with touch/hand tracking on Rift S?

    Went ahead and measured the outside diameter difference. Original cable is 6.5mm New is 5mm.
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    Anyone else having poor experience with touch/hand tracking on Rift S?

    It got to be a daily thing, so I went ahead and swapped out the cable as I had bought several months ago. Seems to be ok now. The old cable had several kinks in it, but no cuts in the sleeve or anything. I was surprised at how much thinner the replacement cable is though. Gotta be a good 25%-30%...
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    Anyone else having poor experience with touch/hand tracking on Rift S?

    I had an original Rift with 3 cameras and the hand tracking was rock solid on that setup. But ever since moving to the Rift S, I have found the hand tracking to be deteriorating over time. They keep updating the firmware and software and I keep thinking this might be the time they finally fix...
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    Star Trek will go to Strange New Worlds in new spinoff series

    If you want to see a space series far better than any Star Trek, check out Another Life on Netflix. (...snorts uncontrollably under breathe) Give it 3 or 4 episodes though to get you hooked. (....erupts into unstoppable laughter)
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    12 quarts mobil 1 synthetic, various grades $30, ymmv, instore.

    My commuter car uses the 0-20 high effeciency stuff. I picked up one of these couple weeks ago. My car also only uses 4qt of oil, so this is 3 oil changes for me....$10 an oil change (+filter) for high effeciency oil is good in my book.
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    Are Sony Playstations in short supply right now? Pro specifically.

    Ahh, ok I hadn't put much thought into the PS5. I thought maybe that was next year or something. Perhaps I'll wait and get that (and hope for backwards compatiblity). I'm mostly just wanting to play FF7 and Death Stranding so far from PS world.
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    Samsung’s premium 2020 TVs to support 8K at 60Hz and 4k at 120Hz

    We got a Sony with Dolby Vision this year since we are an Apple and Xbox household. Holy cow, the effect is very noticable....borderline uncomfortable in some scenes....not blinding, but your eyes do protest. I've also noticed the difference playing co-op with my kids while on Lockdown. We have...
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    Are Sony Playstations in short supply right now? Pro specifically.

    I have been wanting to get a Playstation 4 Pro since FF7 came out. But Best Buy has not had any Playstation of any kind in stock for the last 2 weeks I have been looking. Best Buy is my preferred place to buy, but I have also checked other brick and mortar stores and look to have limited...