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    Kiwibot Self Destructs in Spectacular Fashion on the UC Berkeley Campus

    There is no such thing as "minor flames". You would think people in CA would understand that simple concept since half their state was on fire this year. Clearly this robot went mental and they had to hit the "fail safe".
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    Looking for budget gpu

    If you are ok with used cards, keep an eye out for used 1070's. Some are hitting the $200 mark or slightly below. These are likely mined on, but, are getting dumped on the market in quantities that are really pushing prices down. One of those would drive your monitor fine and you can add a...
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    I'm thinking with single processors having lots of cores now

    this is a rare and super niche area of hobbyist computing. The SLI of CPU's but for different reasons. I was looking at another 2P to replace mine but settled on a TR instead.
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    RTX 2070 + BFV - $479.99 - Newegg

    The ebay sale is going on right now. Use PICKUPSALE for the code and its $450.
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    RTX 2070 + BFV - $479.99 - Newegg

    If you aren't interested in the game and just want to save a couple more bucks you might wait to see if this is included on the ebay sale tomorrow - here is a link to this card on their store. It's listed as $499 so 10% off could save a few more bucks.
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    World Community Grid Christmas Race 2018

    Half way point?
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    eBay Site-wide coupon 10% Electronics, 15% other categories on Sunday 12/16 ( 7AM PST to 7PM PST)

    I would not buy these full price, but, 15% off? Could be useful.
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    Town Rejects Comcast and Chooses to Build Its Own Broadband Network

    And when they do they may be able to negotiate a better deal for the people. I hope it works out for them. I had so-so service from Charter/TWC and used the shitty city service in that market to keep the pricing on my service reasonable. What the people won't have to do is pay $150 a month for...
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    Town Rejects Comcast and Chooses to Build Its Own Broadband Network

    The Right is calling for competition in this space, not just the entitled Leftists. Where the private sector won't go the public sector may. So, yeah, good for the city that's building their own. Lots of good stories out there where it's working. Some bad. Just those same leftist elites who...
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    Town Rejects Comcast and Chooses to Build Its Own Broadband Network

    Good for the town and its people. Comcast is digging their own grave in this space. So is Cox and others with their data caps. They predicted streaming a long time ago and made a preemptive strike. Time for consumers to strike back by going to the dark side and turning internet service over to...
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    Sennheiser HD 559 Open Back Headphone $99 @Amazon

    I use "Honey" and here is their tracker for for these on Amazon:
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    Humble Bundle: 12 months for $99

    Depends on the publisher/distributor but if it's on Steam you get a Steam code. Sometimes they offer games Steam doesn't distribute and you have to redeem them on that publisher/distributor site (Overwatch on Blizzard, iirc) . Some of the small indie stuff or extras you have to download direct...
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    MSI MEG X399 Creation Threadripper Motherboard Review @ [H]

    I ended up with this in my TR build. Tried a couple of ASUS MB's during the Black Friday sales but both had issues. Splurged a bit more on this one and it's worked well. Thanks for a good review as it helped the decision making process.
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    Corsair Hydro H60 $33.59 Google Express

    $37.88 total for me with tax. Good price for a nice little cooler.
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    Bethesda Bans Fallout 76 Players for Life after Shocking In-Game Homophobic Attack

    This, like any entertainment platform, is a horrible and incorrect place to push any social agenda to the masses expecting everyone to always drink the koolaid and go along with your worldview. Take the rest of this to the Soapbox.