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    [ebay]Roccat kone pure owl eye 19.99

    Hi, for PTT may I suggest caps lock, tab, or tilde for PTT?
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    Most Points

    I hope your holiday season went well, Byle_Kennett
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    Remastering "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" with Machine Learning

    I too wish his kid a complete and speedy recovery. He hasn't had enough opportunity to frag.
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    LG 38GL950G - 37.5" 3840x1600/G-Sync/175Hz

    @bananadudeYou've brought your point up enough, it's pathological to keep beating a dead horse like you're doing.
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    Help: Gaming Monitor upgrade for $300-$400 from Amazon
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    ASUS ROG Strix XG438Q Review: It's So Good

    In what dimension is your desk inadequate? If you mean the stand won't fit on your desk they make monitor arms and monitors have VESA holes on the back. you can mount the arms to walls or the desk or whatever you want.
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    Tesla Unveils Radical Cybertruck.

    My F150 is fairly unicorn wrt luxobarge model yet retaining the heavy duty payload package and max tow. It still says anything over 5,000lbs requires a weight distributing hitch in the user manual. People need to remember that all the people and crap in the cab and bed, the weight of your hitch...
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    X79 - Why are used prices so high?

    x509 It might be your CPU, my 3930k IMC got a bit flakey after being heavily OC'd for a few years. new CPU fixed it.
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    GDM-FW900 CRT

    Mode13 may I suggest a deep freezer in the garage? Krazy925 why does your wife care what monitor(s) you use? Has it occurred to you that you could have a faster computer and a slicker display(s) if you didn't spend $10,000 on a desk?
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    She's dead Jim!

    I have a wd black 1tb from april 2009 that still works, the last raptor died in 2014.
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    Cities protesting 5g

    It's meat, just because it's a human doesn't mean it's not meat. It's meat the same way the meat on a still living cow is meat.
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    Comcast, beware: New city-run broadband offers 1Gbps for $60 a month

    ^Yeah people have been pwnd for so long it's funny that they think this removes a step.
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    M.2 NVME/Sata sled or adapter suggestions?

    Did you ever find one that does NVME images without getting too hot and works reliably?
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    WTS 144Hz 27" Monitor and 32" 60Hz Monitor

    Yeah it's $299 on Amazon and some states still don't do sales tax online so OP might be up a creek at this price.
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    WTB: Nvidia Shield

    It doesn't matter, get the Pro so you can put a SSD in it. It makes it do system upgrades instead of one hour or more it takes 10-15 minutes and it launches apps and switches between so much faster.