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    Drop-in Replacement for i7 920

    i7 920 easily overclocks to 3.5Ghz without vcore increase or just get xeon x5650 on ebay for ~$70 shipped
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    Upgrade to 4790K or wait?

    I just ended up going from i7 920 to xeon x5650 and bumped the memory to 12GB, great upgrade. going to wait for cheaper ddr4 and next gen cpu before considering upgrading.
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    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    I have a FW900 that I am looking to sell. I am curious what is the going rate for these in good condition. I had mine for 7+ years with 1-2 hr a night use. Nothing wrong with it, but could use some calibration. btw, I am in north of Boston MA area. Looking for suggestions what is a fair...
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    Asus VG248QE 144hz 3D Vision 2: The Official Thread

    I had amazing experience with amazon, got a DOA 60" TV, returned it without any hassles. amazon also has 3% cashback with their CC.. ends up being only $270 shipped going to give time for pros here and review sites to evaluate it before going forward. Newegg will have it within a week.
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    Asus VG248QE 144hz 3D Vision 2: The Official Thread

    Looks like Amazon has it up for pre-order price of $279! with free shipping
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    Asus VG248QE 144hz 3D Vision 2: The Official Thread

    this sounds great. for that price I might just get 2 of them!
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    World of Tanks MMO

    You should try and join in a clan. makes the experience much more worthwhile platooning with 3 other players where your able coordinate and even better playing in tank companies. Next release will split the tank companies battles into 3 brackets to allow lower tier to play. Here is a good...
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    Motorola Triumph (Virgin Mobile) release date July 20th

    Got mine from RS on Friday. Good bright screen, fast, responsive, 3G is so-so operational but that might because MT is not suppose to be activated till 20th.. its fast when it works.... GPS is slow to lock in.. USB->PC works just fine. tad worse reception sensitivity then Optimus V...
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    World of Tanks MMO

    If anyone is interested in joining a clan, sign up here... Social competitive atmosphere, mature members, established in 2007 with other game and ts3 servers, not a mega clan as smaller groups are just better..
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    World of Tanks MMO

    Still wondering where the MMO is.. I get the RPG side, where you can customize your tank. Waiting and waiting some more for new maps, gametypes, and american TDs. Its a good filler game... reminds me of COD UO with base assault gametype minus soldiers and jeeps
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    THQ's title Homefront has a confirmed release date. It will be hitting stores on March 8, 2011 for NA, and March 11 for EU. should have dedicated server option, but no confirmation if its public server files yet
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    Black OPS release going disasterously on the PC

    No suprise, if it using CODWAW game engine as it was too demanding on modern systems to the point of unplayable. Do you self a favor and pickup COD2, its graphics arent outdated by any means and the playability is top notch. Has public dedicated servers and tons of mods for it. We have a...
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    Should I start with Civ V?

    Not overally impressed with civ V, Civ IV was epic in complexity and longetivity of games. Both good games in who their ment to target. Think of it as chest vs checkers games, it is what it is.
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    Phenom II X2 555 unlock probability?

    Got mine from microcenter in Cambridge MA last week. Easily and quickly had it to 4 cores in matter of minutes in BIOS on the FIRST time booting the system up. Ran PRIME for about an hour, no issues. not looking to OC as its a media computer so want to keep the noise low. great deal! at $88
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    Bad Company 2

    bad copy 2 funny mock cartoon video animation at the game.... its the truth!