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    Users are Unable to Block Mark Zuckerberg

    So do you have evidence of anything other than you not knowing who the CEO talks to.
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    Gadget Makes $10 Headphones Sound Like $200 Headphones

    Cause people like this get paid to wear them, and since people do what people do...(sadly)
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    How Your Facebook Profile Can Affect Your Credit

    I wouldn't be surprised if entities like credit agencies pay for higher level access than the average Joe user. So "private" or "restricted" means for the people that you want to see it and the people that pay to see it.
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    Facebook Prods Users To Share A Bit More

    Maybe FB's downward spiral has begun?
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    Facebook Changes 'Real Name' Policy Rules After Public Outcry

    Heh, ok. I guess that would be the point I'd go "meh" and text/call a couple people that I'm not on FB any more.
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    Facebook Changes 'Real Name' Policy Rules After Public Outcry

    Tiny secret, you never had to use your real name on Facebook... :rolleyes:
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    UK Doubles Cash Bounties For Catching Cinema Pirates

    Most of those are recorded on one of these anyway....
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    Sex With Robots Convention Cancelled "Inspector-General of Police, Khalid Abu Bakar, unfortunately, saw the topic from a more literal perspective, deeming love and sex between human and robots...
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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Poster
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    Windows 10 Upgrade Nags Become More Aggressive

    Vista Ultimate (non sp1 first thing that went in after install), i7-920, 12GB RAM, 7200rpm 1tb seagate drive. Had an identical machine with a 150GB raptor that ran a little better. Supported it on other configs, but that was my personal machines. Last Vista Machine I supported was about 6...
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    Windows 10 Upgrade Nags Become More Aggressive

    If by working perfectly fine meaning unable to play games and taking 15 minutes to boot...:rolleyes: You could alleviate this a bit by disabling, a couple somethings, I forget now. Then there's the infamous, hey Vista locked up and you had to force it off, now it's gonna take 30 minutes to...
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    Windows 10 Upgrade Nags Become More Aggressive

    I pulled the trigger on a gaming laptop that doesn't have anything important on it just to familiarize myself with it. I think I ticked "off" or "no" 30 times turning off the spyware and tracking crap. Then I notice one drive running and uploading crap through the Comodo firewall screen. Had to...
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    These Tech Giants Are the Walking Dead

    This is the kind of article you get when the author has ZERO understanding of subject he/she is writing about. Complete click bait, zero substance. It pretty much came down to companies A B and C suck 'cause ..things. Companies X,Y, and Z are awesome 'cuase ....stuff.