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    quick format or Full format of new 16 TB HDD ?

    Full format with a case of cold beer to help time pass.
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    Recent visit to Microcenter - what it was like inside

    MicroCenter is my Stop and Shop for PC hardware, been to 3 of 4 stores in NY. Just went to the one in Brooklyn for an Intel AX200 wireless kit. Back in the days, CompUSA and Circuit City, rebates galore.
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    Windows 11 Will Soon Block All Default Browser Workarounds

    Internet Explorer Part Deux. Grab some popcorn. Microsoft hasn't learned from its antitrust law case.
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    Regularly downloading large files to SSD

    Do the math, 8-10GB a day? On basis of 10GB a day, 1 TB in 100 days, so 3.66 TB per year for argument sake. This should be way below the TBW of the warranty of 3-5 years. In a nutshell, you should be fine. Consider the type of NAND and the warranty.
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    Anyone dealed with MSI rebates before?

    One thing I learned with rebates, watch that billing address and shipping address. If they are different, they may deny it. I fought Gigabyte on that note one time, they caved and sent the rebate. Glad to hear you are getting your rebate.
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    Windows 11 May Not Run on Early Ryzen, Threadripper, Skylake-X, or Any Pre-2016 Intel PC

    This is bad comedy. Dear Microsoft, I want to run Windows 11 on my i7-950; still on Windows 7. 😂🤣
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    Anyone have experience with Inland's warranty?

    MicroCenter makes Emtec looks good. I had a 240GB SSD that failed within 3 years warranty; sent an email with copy of receipt from Micro Center. They replied back saying they will sent me a replacement; the replacement drive was 480GB (sealed). Sorry to digress, but Micro Center should have...
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    Anyone have experience with Inland's warranty?

    You should try to find the warranty terms; some companies will refund purchased price. For a SSD, very surprised they didn't offer a replacement.
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    What made you switch?

    When Windows 10 Mobile was End of Life, switched to Android and got a Motorola G6; since then staying with Android with phones from UMIDIGI.
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    not enough USB Controller Resources Win 10

    Reading the article may seem to indicate a voltage issue? Quite a few articles when doing a search for "not enough USB controller...
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    Anyone have experience with Inland's warranty?

    I heard it should be bring into MC store. If they have your receipt electronically, they should be able to verify your purchase and honor the warranty.
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    Anyone dealed with MSI rebates before?

    I had a rebate from a X58 chipset motherboard (still chugging along) from MSI ages ago. Sorry, I don't remember the process.
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    Newb to cell phones... wife wants something cheap & simple

    I moved two lines AT&T post paid for Mint Mobile, may be thinking about Ultra. With Mint, I am on 8GB/month plan and prepay 12 months. You probably don't hear much about phones by UMIDIGI or Oukitel. I ended up with a UMIDIGI S5 Pro (about $245) in July and most recently an Oukitel C21 (about...
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    Has anyone here went from a PC Tower desktop to a laptop ? If so why and do you feel it was worth it?

    I used to build all systems around desktop towers. The main advantage is portability; there are sacrifices. Probably a little greener (less energy). I recently started buying the HP mini desktops (e.g.: HP Prodesk 600 G4) to save space.
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    SSD life dropping fast

    Is hibernation enabled or disabled? If enabled, turn it off.