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    [Warm?] Gigabyte GeForce GT 710 2GB $24.99 shipped

    ah only 2 monitors, I am not a gamer but I need something cheap that supports a dual-link plus two hdmi for text price was right oh well
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    WD 10TB shuckable - Amazon $170

    It's going to be a nightmare when people can't read these monster sized drives at the end of the decade because all the helium has leaked out since the atoms are so tiny and slip through everything else Are older drives like 4TB blues still "air" ? Are 6TB still air?
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    WD Easystore 14TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive - $200

    So I have decade-old 1TB and 500GB drives I can still fire up to check for stuff or old backups. When the helium slowly leaks out of these over a decade, are they basically going to be dead then? (helium atoms leaks through everything and anything, ultra small compared to anything they are...
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    TEAMGROUP C175 128GB 2 Pack USB 3.2 Gen 1 (USB 3.1/3.0) USB Flash Thumb Drives $20.99

    microcenter has had that deal everyday for awhile
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    (Dead) 16 TB WD External HDD $259.99

    10TB for $152 at amazon but ending in the next hour or two I think
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    (Dead) 16 TB WD External HDD $259.99

    always check shucks .top first, not sure who made that site but darn handy price unfortunately is not hot compared to pre-covid days, we should be sub $15 by now, especially at that size, I'd be scared to not mirror/raid that large
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    [Expired] Garmin Oregon 700 Handheld GPS $176 Shipped BuyDig@eBay

    phone gps is actually not very good but there is a new chip that does L5 GPS and is in a few phones and that gives it 1 meter accuracy which will blow away any older device very few phones right now though and no official list of them either Google Pixel 4 and 4XL Google Pixel 5 Samsung...
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    Hot: GE Full Spectrum Par 38 Grow Light

    Thanks for that - in all seriousness if anyone knows of a deal on UV-C bulbs/lamps that would be super awesome right about now as apparently it is known to kill covid19 with enough exposure, there are instructions on building a lightbox for sanitation.
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    Ebay: another $3 coupon code

    are there any trustworthy microsd deals on ebay? lots and lots of fake chips out there I'm hoping with the code maybe a 32gb for a couple dollars?
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    LiteOn Slim DVD-RW Open Box $7.05 shipped

    I love how we're in an age now where anyone selling something can just openly lie because truth is just accepted as always fuzzy and the sellers realize there's no penalty for just outright lying, I mean what are you going to do about it? the 100s of these on ebay under $9 listed as...
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    [H]ot: 6TB WD My Book USB 3.0 external $99 @ Amazon

    the 6 is air rather than helium like the 8 right? wish I had gotten that instead of the $130 8tb but way too late same $$ per gig but won't stop working when the helium leaks out eventually
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    10TB WD Easystore + 32GB USB $180

    my first job as a tech was installing these new fangeled FIVE (5) MB drives, full height 5.25" heavy as a cinder block, they replaced a full height 5.25" single sided floppy drive the controller card was full length double wide and got rather warm, wide bulky cables a few years later when...
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    8TB WD EasyStore $140

    you've never owned a helium filled drive in 27 years, certainly not longer than a year every hard drive you've owned has been exposed to regular air with filtered breathing holes for pressure changes there is near zero long term consumer experience with helium filled drives and what actually...
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    8TB WD EasyStore $140

    the problem is we don't truly know the failure rate on these drives yet $130 for 8TB is awesome, unless it only last 3 years and has sudden failure where you lose everything it's not like these companies are worried about their reputation, only getting past warranty dates
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    8TB WD Easystore $130

    argh why not on google express