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    Diving into my first custom loop setup

    If your case can house it, run two loops. Would look very cool with two res/pumps using different colored coolants and would also perform great.
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    Blizzard Games @ Best Buy: D3 $20, SC2 $10 Xpacs also same price

    Nice find. I was hoping these would drop in price again at BB Went ahead and picked up HoS, RoS with an extra 20% off with GCU.
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    Steam Starwars Sale

    Just got Starwars Empire at War Gold Pack. Loved that game.
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    PSN still down? I still cant login this morning.

    Same thing with me but they are wanting to play LBP3 though. I'm gonna use this down time to upgrade the HD today. :D
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    PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade

    Going to buy a HD today for my PS4 today. Not going with a SSD so looks like the 1TB Seagate SSHD is what's recommended, which I can pick up at BB today ($105 price matching Amazon) Any other last minute suggestions? Thanks
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    Planetside 2 PS4 closed beta, sign up!

    Damn happy I'm getting my kids the PS4 this year for xmas :D Just signed up.
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    Origin Sale

    If I remember correctly, Amazon had the best sale last year.
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    Origin Sale

    Like the vanilla Sim City isn't <$10 yet, or any version for that matter.
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    28" SAMSUNG 4K 350$

    90 day warranty is a little scary
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    CoD:AW preorder

    I like it a lot! BB had their trade in special; $20 for Ghosts plus another $10 if pre order AW zero edition. Not bad and very cool playing it today plus it looks and plays great (XB1)
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    Arkham Origins $3.99 Digital Download

    MKK or Injustice Ult Edition??? Of course MK is awesome but wonder how Injustice is.
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    NVIDIA Releasing Three GTX 800 Graphics Cards In October?

    This. I'll probably wait till next summer whenever they release the 880 deluxe/ultra/plus etc. If I get the itch the to upgrade I'll just pick up a third gtx680 for cheap.
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    Should I buy a PlayStation 4?

    A reason for a revision would be to fix some issues, but don't ever loose sight of a manf would also want to cut costs of production to be more profitable by using cheaper parts and or cutting things out.
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    You ever sold a old console and reget it later?

    I guess it would be nice to have kept them all, but I've always sold what I had to help pay for it's next gen.
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    Sim City 15 bucks @MS store

    +1 I'll bite at $5, maybe $10 if I'm drunk at the time of purchase.