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    Best way to add SSD RAID 1 for 2003 Server OS

    Have you checked to see if there are any mapped drives showing up that reference a nonexistant folder or path? Explorer will try to reach every mapped drive and will sit waiting until it times out before the window responds again. It sounds exactly like what you're describing.
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    What's your HTPC Software of choice?

    Mythtv Runs well on older hardware, is OS, supports mulitple frontend pcs from one backend and plays just about everything. No cable/dish so the recording features are pretty much irrelevant to me.
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    Wake on LAN scheduler

    I know this isn't exactly what you were asking about, but if you want the machines to wake up on a schedule, see what the bios has for options. Many of them will have a setting for scheduling this.
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    Wake on LAN strange problem

    It seems like the router is the source of the problem. According to cisco ( this isn't a supported feature for the 320n. So it looks like you have a couple of options: Set the bios in the computer to wake up at a...
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    Wake on LAN strange problem

    How long do your dhcp leases last? How long is 'a while'?
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    Media Server Chassis

    Try an off lease corporate desktop. Even the recent sff ones should still be able to take 2 hard drives which will almost certainly give you more drive space than an older poweredge. Plus they're dual core and most will have pcie slots. It all comes at a small fraction of the power, space and...
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    Media Server Chassis

    Just got rid of PE 4600 and 2600 boxes. I'd planned to convert them both to sata, but by the time you modify backplane, power, chassis and everything else, you're out enough cash that you could have picked up a decent low power server box or enough parts to make one. Even if you could...
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    MythTV hardware requirements?

    Should run it. Might be a bit slow, but more ram should fix that.
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    Post your Smoothie/ipcop/etc. specs

    New pfsense (1.23) box: Dell Optiplex GX1 PIII 533 512 MB RAM Onboard Intel Nic PCI Intel Nic
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    TeraCopy FTW!

    Amen! But before you install it at work, check the licensing. I think the free version is only for home/personal use.
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    FreeNAS Chronicles!

    I think that's 8 drives between the two systems, 4 per box. Doing the Raid 5 with Freenas will put the total useable at 4.5 TB per box, right in line with the OPs storage target.
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    WHS primary drive failed, now what?

    Sure does. The first one relys on both ntfs and share settings for permissions, but the second one only uses the ntfs permissions. Your share permissions are probably set to 'Read Only' instead of 'Change' or 'Full Control'. 'Change' would probably be the most appropriate one.
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    Rant of the day...backup exec

    Yosemite. Even comes with a free 60 day trial. I haven't used it personally. Just heard others rave about it.
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    WHS primary drive failed, now what?

    Seems like this would be a good topic for the sticky whs questions thread.
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    Anyone getting Technet renewal offers?

    Got my renewal notice for $249 I think. In any case, the price went down this year. Wish I could say the same about a few other things.