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    My simple review of the Eizo FS2434

    EDIT: removed my questions as BenQ monitors seem like a better fit for my needs.
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    Best display for the eyes

    I've received my Dell U2913WM, but ended up returning it. The screen is sharp, colours are good, having two windows side by side is neat, but something about the quality of the white backlight was making my eyes hurt. Despite dimming the screen right down and making fonts larger in the evenings...
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    Best display for the eyes

    Thank you for your helpful replies. I've ended up ordering Dell U2913WM. It was on special and cheaper than the 23" Eizo screen, perhaps around the same as BenQ BL2411PT would be from a questionable overseas retailer. Aside from the price these things seem appealing: - completely flicker-free...
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    Best display for the eyes

    I have been using Dell 2709W (27" 1900x1200) for the last several years and am now looking for a new monitor to reduce eye strain. I originally bought the screen for its big pixels, upgrading from a 24" Dell screen of the same resolution. 2709W is rated at 400/450 cd/m2. It is just too bright on...