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    Alita: Battle Angel Official Trailer

    Was so disappointed to learn that there was only 1 anime of this. Pretty damn excited to see the movie. Odds are against it being good, but I really like the two main actors shown so...
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    Uber Invests in Scooter Rental Company Lime

    Not sure why people blame the scooter companies for terrible human beings who throw them in lakes, trash cans, etc. Root cause = don't be a douche. They're super cheap and great over distances in between the break-even point of too long to walk, too short to drive, which in an urban area like...
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    Chinese Wind Turbine Company Convicted of Stealing Trade Secrets

    Standard operating procedure. To do business in China you must "partner" with a Chinese company first. What does the "partner" do? Not a goddamn thing, other than stealing your IP.
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    Elon Musk has an Idea for Saving Boys Stranded in a Thailand Cave

    Is it journalism being selective? A quick google search turns up multiple hits in regards to other automakers. It isn't the journalists, it's the fining governments. It's why MS and Google gets billions in fines in Europe, and BNP Paribas and Volkswagen gets billions in fines in the US.
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    Elon Musk has an Idea for Saving Boys Stranded in a Thailand Cave

    Agree. Maybe Musk should spend some more hands-on time at Tesla instead of reading the news and tweeting all the time. Signed, Person posting and reading [H]ardForum from work ;)
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    Wanted: Hundreds of Entrepreneurs to Start Businesses Delivering Amazon Packages

    More like trickle-up economics. They let the lesser-well off small businesses run at a loss and go bankrupt while they book profits. $300k is a garbage margin on 40 trucks and what, 60 employees? And that's the best case scenario that they're presenting in order to sell this, so you know that...
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    Battlefield V Closed Alpha Gameplay

    Hardcore mode has been the only way to play Battlefield for a long time.
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    Wanted: Hundreds of Entrepreneurs to Start Businesses Delivering Amazon Packages

    There was an article in the WSJ I believe talking about the same thing. Construction companies in Chicago or something, that couldn't take on any more business because they couldn't hire workers. But then in the same article, the same company who said they needed workers so bad because they...
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    Facebook Eases Ban on Crypto Ads - Crypto Rejoices

    Nothing says "legit" like needing to advertise on social media to keep the value of your product up. You don't see euros, dollars, yuan or pesos on there. Or advertising to purchase individual stocks, for that matter.
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    Amazon's "Pivot" Program Takes Employees to Court

    No toilets in a bot factory, and I bet without humans in the area high powered fans or pressure washers can just flush out the whole damn place whenever they need to.
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    Amazon's "Pivot" Program Takes Employees to Court

    I don't get the attitude that it's "entitlement" to feel that a full time job should be able to support a person. Isn't it more "entitlement" to think that you have a legitimate business if your employees have to accept public benefits and welfare in order for your business to be profitable?
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    iPhone Losing Some of its Global Luster

    Market share is one thing. But despite only selling 18% of smartphones, Apple makes 87% of all smartphone profits. Samsung has a market share of 18% as well, but only makes 10% of global smartphone profits. That's a pretty incredible difference, damn...
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    Battlefield V Live Reveal @ 3PMCDT

    Theres wummins in my game where I immediately respawn after dying and can heal myself 20 times from bullet wounds in 10 seconds! The insults to history, the lack of realism! :rolleyes:
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    Deadpool Viewed on Facebook Over 6M Times

    Dunno. I have to imagine videos of that length have to be an extremely low percent of videos posted on Facebook. Couple the time of the movie + millions of views, seems like a pretty basic check to have in place that wouldn't generate a huge number of false positives. But what do I know about...