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    NVIDIA GPU Generational Performance Part 1 @ [H]

    Really enjoyed the article, especially because I just upgraded from a GTX 760 to a GTX 1070 Ti, so I know firsthand how large the performance jump can be when going up multiple generations. One question: In 2013, how many people were even playing at 1440p? I don't really think 2K monitors were...
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    New Zealand Makes Cyberbullying A Crime

    Another nail in the coffin of free speech worldwide.
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    Uber France CEO Taken Into Custody

    Uber is providing a service that is functionally identical (ride for hire) to the one that taxi drivers provide. The government has long regulated taxis in a very heavy-handed manner, some would say for good reasons, such as ensuring that people who get in a cab are doing so with a licensed and...
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    In Wake Of Hack, No Federal Background Checks

    She can't even read off the prepared statements correctly... I'm sure this is a trying time for her organization, and I'm sure it's a high pressure scenario to be grilled by a panel, but these are normal job functions for a high level management position within the federal government, and anyone...
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    Update On PC Version Of Batman: Arkham Knight

    I agree, and I think it's been clearly shown that if companies make games that can be shown to be worth the price and are of good quality on day one release, people reward that company by buying copies. Don't you think the next Elder Scrolls game is going to sell millions of pre-orders? Fallout...
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    Disney World Theme Parks Banning Selfie Sticks

    Yeah, when some dipshit in front of someone on the ride loses their phone or their stick because they are holding it out in front of them on a fast-moving vehicle, and it flies backward and smacks a rider in the face or gets caught in the mechanism, Disney is going to be in a lot of trouble...
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    Revenge Porn Is Becoming a Criminal Offense in U.K.

    I completely agree with your sentiment - people whose photos are posted publicly (or online) by a former trusted partner are absolutely victims. The people who post photos of their exes that were intended for private use only are committing a criminal act, in my opinion. However, I'm not...
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    Treasury Dept: Tor a Big Source of Bank Fraud

    "Screwdrivers a big source of car theft; regulatory action imminent, more news at 11"
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    European Parliament Votes in Favor of Breaking Up Google

    They have the authority to regulate how they do business regarding consumers and operations in the EU. This is a little bit sticky, because an EU citizen could perform a search that uses computing resources located in North America to actually perform the search and serve the results, and the...
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    1-in-3 Jobs Will Be Taken By Robots Or Software By 2025

    You know, there's always a possibility that using robots to do menial, repeatable, hazardous, or undesirable jobs will just free up people to perform other economic activity that better benefits society. Instead of paying people to make our food, we can pay them to do something else that adds...
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    Most of Crytek's UK Staff Have Stopped Going to Work

    I know "innovation" in gaming is harder to come by these days (especially since so many games have gone the XP & unlocks route of progression typically reserved for MMOs), and since most games are just cleverly decorated Skinner boxes, it takes a lot for a developer to make a truly revolutionary...
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    Should the US Regulate Broadband Internet Access as a Utility?

    Pretty sure the broadband problem and net neutrality could be solved pretty easily with two words: "common carrier". Regulate Internet traffic as a common carrier just like the phone system, which protects the internet companies from prosecution based on the data that travels down their lines...
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    Amazon Granted 'Photography Against A White Background' Patent

    You could if you set up the arrangement to do something novel, innovative, and non-obvious to one skilled in the art. If you take a standard lighting setup and swap one of the lights for blue, you have NOT created a novel arrangement. You've done something that would be obvious to someone...
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    Amazon Granted 'Photography Against A White Background' Patent

    I don't see anything novel or innovative about this methodology. It's like they've attempted to patent a set of instructions on how to use existing technology, which isn't really patentable. They haven't developed a new piece of equipment or a new method of producing something unique, they've...
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    Google Wants to Teach You How to Breastfeed Your Baby

    So the information is available in several formats already (healthcare industry, books, person-to-person advice, training sessions), and you guys are all upset that Google is now making it available in an electronic format? Seems odd.