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    (UPDATED) Microsoft walks back decision to double price of Xbox Live Gold subscriptions

    Console vs. PC should have its own thread, after which off topic console vs. PC talk should be an automatic derailment infraction.
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    Sony Is Struggling With PlayStation 5 Price Due to Costly Parts

    Sony's SSD is slightly smaller, but much more exotic. IIRC, an off the shelf version doesn't exist. If so, that probably costs more. Maybe a lot more.
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    Confirmed: Xbox Series S Price and Design

    I know, just wanted to see his reply lol
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    Confirmed: Xbox Series S Price and Design

    How do you know the PS5 is $400?
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    Marvel Uploads a New Avengers: Endgame Trailer

    2020 is truly trash. RIP
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    FS: Samsung 950Pro 512 NVME $80 Shipped SSD WTTF: 1TB+ Laptop SSD

    Just upgraded to a bigger SSD, so I'm seeing if anyone here wants to cop my old Samsung 950 Pro 512 before I throw it on Ebay. 80 shipped anywhere in the continental US. Drive is in great condition. Below is the SMART report and Samsung Magician report I did right before installing the new one...
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    Just bought a Xbox One X, have a couple questions???

    I rolled the dice on a cheap used on from Ebay.
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    Just bought a Xbox One X, have a couple questions???

    I put a 2TB SSD in mine. Drastic improvement in load times. If you are comfortable opening it up,I highly suggest it. Copy/build software here:
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    Capcom is working on a Resident Evil 4 remake

    No need to remake 4, we need whoever did 2 to do Code Veronica.
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    The Road to PS5 - Deep Dive into PlayStation 5's system architecture

    They really should have bought Capcom when they were in trouble some years back. Would have been HUGE this gen.
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    Death Stranding - New Kojima game

    Wow. This looks stupid and interesting at the same time..might just watch this one on Twitch (can't believe I said that).
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    Destiny 2

    Taking a break, figured I'd say hi. Stopped playing D2 hardcore about a week ago after finally getting Luna's/Recluse. Still need Mountaintop, but i needed to not play Destiny after the weeks of Comp. I finished a few badges by picking up some odds and ends like Worldline Zero (bleh). Been...
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    Destiny 2

    This. So much this:cry:
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    Destiny 2

    I Saved rockets with Trust, and looked for the spawn pointon invader announcement, and fired a rocket at him the instant I saw him. Got it on the second match. I wasn't very helpful to the team, but I spent less than a half hour on it. I'm not good with 150s, so I am trash with Rose/Lumina so...