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    1080/1070 users - Upgrading to 1080 Ti?

    Yes. Did a Step-Up from 980Ti to 1080, pending an upgrade from ACX to ICX, then Step-Up to 1080Ti. \o/
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    GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Reportedly Launching in Late March

    EVGA has a Step-Up program for consideration (I've used it, took 65 days to get new card, kept old one until they shipped). Qualifying card owners have 90 days from date of purchase to register for Step-Up. Although there is no guarantee that the 1080Ti will be added to the Step-Up Inventory...
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    Chevy Heater Core

    Good job! +1 on Thumper. You could use a bigger case.
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    List all the OS you currently actively use (computers & phones/tablets)

    new PC: Win7Pro64 - Win10Pro Dual Boot old PC: Win Vista 64 (currently using daily) - Win XP 32 (rarely active, no online use) Dual Boot Galaxy S4 and S5: Android
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    The 2016 Post Pics of your Rig Thread!

    Well, now that you've mentioned it, it'd definitely be over the top if you polished the aluminum plates. Makes me think of when I polished all of the aluminum on my (former) 5.7 TPI 1989 IROC-Z28. I used an Aluminum Manifold Polishing Kit from Eastwood Restoration. It'd be just a little more...
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    The 2016 Post Pics of your Rig Thread!

    Nice work! Very [H]ardcore!
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    The 2016 Post Pics of your Rig Thread!

    great look! :cool:
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    [Casemod] Tt D3sk

    Congrats! Well deserved!
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    ENERMAX Launches The ETS-T50 AXE With 7 Patented Technologies

    The music in the video rocks. Inspiration for guitar practice.
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    Looking for recommendation on AIO for silent build

    I'll likely get the EVGA AIO for the GTX 1080 that I'll be upgrading to. They will be released sometime around the middle of July and will have separate SKUs to cover the reference and the custom EVGA PCBs. If I still had a fat budget, I'd like to use the EK Predator 360 AIO, pre-filled, and...
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    The 2016 Post Pics of your Rig Thread!

    Nice! Congrats!
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    [Casemod] Tt D3sk

    Beautiful system! Best of luck at Casemod!
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    Windows 10, Can't remove tiles background

    Not sure what a normal desktop is for you, but can't you simply right click the desktop, select "Personalize" and change it?
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    New goodies!

    Great choice on the x71. Considered it myself. As big as that rad is, it should have no problem hiding in there.