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    Corsair Carbide Air 540 front panel

    I have that case in the closet. You have more info on the monitor setup?
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    Phison E16 / Sabrent Rocket 4.0 Failures?

    The replacement has been fine. I use it as a steam drive now. If you can rma it I would.
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    Phison E16 / Sabrent Rocket 4.0 Failures?

    I had a 1tb of these crap out after 9 months of use. Same as op, turned the pc on and it wasn’t detected. No warning sign of a failure. They were quick to replace it with a new one.
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    Best way to do a backup?

    Raid 5
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    I am watercooling my shoulder

    I ran a similar setup for my knee. Works great but you have to keep replacing the ice. What you need to do is mod it with that chiller Intel used. No need to change the ice and you’ll stay cool all day.
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    How to check 5950X for B2 Revision?

    got the og here
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    Most Milked Franchise

    Before I even saw the list I was saying cod in my head. New game every year since cod 4. What are they on now 15 years in a row with a new release?
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    Ryzen 5000 series inconsistent L3 in Win 11

    Amd said they released a chipset driver that fix this. It did make it better, but it isn’t fixed. This was brought up in todays hardware unboxed video. About the 1 minute mark.
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    Ryzen 5000 series inconsistent L3 in Win 11

    anyone else notice this? i just installed win 10 to do some testing and i am seeing some weird stuff. win 10 win 11
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    CPUz benchmark results thread

    I have pbo on
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    CPUz benchmark results thread

    I think I have the worst single core ryzen 5000 series score in this thread! I’m going to have to work on this tonight.
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    Bad mouse grip leading to chronic pain?

    I can’t agree with this more. My arm Is on my desk to about my elbow. Also, You need to make sure you have proper chair height. You want to have you shoulder in a natural position.
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    CPUz benchmark results thread

    How did you get your single thread so high?
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    CPUz benchmark results thread
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    Do you use m.2 heatsinks supplied with motherboards?

    heres my two nvme drives. the wd has the mb heatsink on it and the sabrent has a $3 amazon "heatsink" on it. i dont know if the wd runs hotter than the sabrent normally.