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    RGB Fans

    Bought these for a new build but haven't used yet. Price was reasonable. 120mm is a bit cheaper.
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    This Robot Does All the Cooking For You

    My back is so-o-o out right now--where can I get one of these things! Wonder if Medicare will pay for it? Prolly have to wait until they come down in price a bit.
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    What's a good brand of motherboard speaker?

    Guessing this is the one?
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    GPU Shortage Got You Down? GeForce GT 730 Makes a Comeback

    Yeah and Nvidia is going to stop supporting the 700 series in a few months! Don't buy too many of the GT 730s.
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    Jeff Bezos to Shoot Himself Into Space

    Keep thinking of the Wright Brothers; lot of these same sentiments said about their endeavors. They didn't hire other people to fly their prototype--and look where we are today. Just history repeating itself once again. And with a lot more money involved.
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    How can I remove this "view" kinda hard to explain, but look at pic please...

    I think there is no simple way to disable the header. The attached link is one of the ways people have found but it seems like a lot of work. Some say all MS wants you to do is set Bing as your default search engine and the header goes away. Also something about pressing F11 to toggle it. I...
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    Help me decide on a low end monitor

    My vote is for the 32" Acer. Wouldn't go smaller than at least 32" for 4K. I use 32" 4K and my old eyes don't thank me very often for that. Things are a bit sharper but also smaller. The 1440p IPS is sort of a sweet spot for monitors right now. Unless you want to spend the really big bucks...
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    Build myself or use a system builder?

    Certainly I suggest building yourself if parts can be had. That is the kicker at this particular time in history. Otherwise, have always been impressed with: Not sure they are the best or cheapest but their website is full of information and gives...
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    Nvidia rtx 3090 discussion

    Got a PNY 3090. That is my goto brand when all else fails. Think this is the third/fourth PNY I've used. Do lots of folding@home and it runs cool compared to 19 threads of the CPU running at full git! (one thread is reserved for the GPU) Kept hearing all this noise and thought it was the...
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    Who is buying a 3090?

    Tired out of waiting and paid through the nose a while back for a 3090 off Amazon. Kept watching the prices go up $100/week or more and decided to jump in. Would have been smart to jump a couple of months sooner! Have lived long enough to witness trends in hobbies and other things--cars...
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    Not sure where to ask--what happend to PM? Do we use "start a conversaion" or something else?

    Cannot for the life of me find out where/how to send a PM. Did so in the past but now don't find any link anywhere. Trying to offer someone an item and don't want to post in the general forums. Any help in how to send a PM much appreciated.
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    Best Apps to block Win10 telemetry...

    I run Spybot Anti-Beacon in addition to O&O Shut Up. Have to check them once a week or so because MS will reset things after updates...
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    Computer Hacked - Options to Restore Windows 10

    This link has a good explanation for doing a similar thing to your situation excepting the malware on the boot drive. Good instructions on reinstalling windows on another drive and getting it reactivated; and how to get the bootable media drive...
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    Intel Launches DG1 Graphics Card Based On 10nm SuperFin For OEMs

    And it appears that this new card will only work with certain processors and chipsets so it won't be easy to bench without using the pre-built units.
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    new build - the basics

    Not sure your budget so knowing that could change things. Agree with BlueLineSwinger on the overclockable processor. And LGA1151 socket is EOL for Intel. LGA 1200 would offer an upgrade path for later. For now maybe an i7 10700 processor (c.$350) which adds more threads than the 9700 for...