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    500 Million ASUS Motherboards. The Celebration Starts at [H]. - Lucky Draw

    The best/fastest computer i've built was with the ASUS Rampage IV Extreme. Mated with the i7 3960x, it was a monster of a build. I just love how ASUS pay attention to such detail with just the retail box alone and the content. Everytime i look at the motherboard, it screams quality.
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    What gaming video card lasted you the longest ?

    Been through soo many cards but the BEST ones that I use the longest are: Voodoo 2 8meg(Creative 3D Blaster) Geforce 2 MX400(forgot which brand but this card had the best price/performance during its time) ATi Radeon 9700 Pro(BF1942 + AA = no sleep for days on end) 8800GTX(The only card during...
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    Has anyone switched from Android to iPhone?

    iPhone 5S and HTC One owner here; I switch between each depending on what i do for the day. If I want simplicity/basic then its the 5S; if I want my widgets and customization, then its the One. They both have their ups and downs.
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    Do AMD / ATI Drivers really suck??

    Here's my take: nVidia > AMD They have their fair share of issues but I have more problems with AMD drivers than nVidia drivers when it comes to Multi GPU setups. Driver stability are the same when it comes to single card setups.
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    PC Sales See 'Longest Decline' In History

    I've sold all my pc's and just living off my wife's 2009 Dell Latitude laptop for all the work needed. Its been 6 months and for sure don't felt no regret doing it. Before, I wouldn't last a couple of months without buying parts to upgrade my pc's but now its pointless when all other...
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    Decision time...

    What carrier are you on? The moment KLP comes out is the moment you wish you had an Nexus 4 if you decide on HTC One. The HTC One is a quality phone but you won't get KLP for a long long time....
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    Should I return my Galaxy Nexus for a...?

    I've been with Sprint since the EVO 4G was announce @ google i/o. Just left them last month for pre-paid :) Too many broken promises with Sprint. Their Data speed is worse than dialup, VERY SPOTTY 4G. Very happy with my Nexus 4 on T-mobile's monthly 4G 30/month plan ;). I avg 5-10Mbps down...
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    Geforce 680 Wierd Problem

    That's definitely not hardware related, more of virus/malware related.
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    My Wii U review/first impressions [Deluxe Model/SMBU/Trine2/ZombiU]

    That new update definitely speed up the system, not soo much but its noticeable IMO.... :)
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 2

    Galaxy is brings innovation and great quality video cards to the mass ;)
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    Intel core i5 2500K $99 [MicroCenter]

    2 left in stock @ the MC in Minnesota! its sad, they only allow me to pick up one :( (reserve mine for pick up :D)
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    Intel core i5 2500K $99 [MicroCenter]

    an MC is just 5 minutes away from where i live!! Gonna go pick up one in 3 hours during lunch :D
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    Free HAWKEN Beta Keys

    PM me a key dracos. i've been waiting to try out this game :(
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    Samsung 830 Series 256gb SSD $169 9am-Noon

    I get: The promo code EMCYTZT2258 is not active yet. Please check the program details for activation dates. Edit: Nvm forgot to see that's its 9AM-Noon :o
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    7970 & 680 - Has anyone owned both?

    Owned both, kept the 680 at the end. Its less of a problem for the games i play. The 7970 is a good card also but with the 680, I don't have to worry much about the next driver destroying my game time + its cooler/quieter ;)