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    Anyone here used this cheap tool to delid?

    I used one of the 3d printed delid tools with a bench vise on my 6600k. Worked great. Just another option.
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    Windows 10's next major update for 2021 codenamed Iron (Fe) 1-c

    How about they fix the bugs before worrying about if they think it looks pretty or not? Or better yet, do something they never have before: give their customers a choice in how they want the UI to behave. I'm sorry, I shouldn't be speaking logically. Logic doesn't apply here. I'll stop.
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    Gamemakers Inject AI to Develop More Lifelike Characters

    I've noted that too. Game AI got pretty good around then and just stalled. HL1 was amazing in the sense of what a leap it was. Before then good was quake 2. Hey look the enemy might try to duck your rocket.
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    New to WC, what do I need?

    i'd say the GPU is always worth putting on water. I've always put my cards on water over the years and been happy that i have. i find that a lot of the fan noise in any system is usually when the video card goes to full power. water eliminates that and keeps the temps way down. then you can put...
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    Researchers Intercept Covert Signal Born Due to 'Exotic Phenomena' at Very Heart of Milky Way

    i'm going with aliens. mostly because i want to. people get to believe in junk conspiracy theories that make no sense just because they want to, so i get to believe it's aliens. that's my story and i'm sticking with it.
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    Do we really want our robots to have consciousness?

    if a robot dildo gains consciousness, could i be charged with rape? by the same token, could the robot dildo be charged with rape?
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    New to WC, what do I need?

    You build your systems like I do :) ease of use is exactly why I stuck with soft tubing. Plus if you get some good stuff made for water cooling, it's gotten way better over the years for kink resistance. I change my coolant usually only when I need to do maintenance such as new parts, etc. I...
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    Intel's new Core i9-10900K already pushed to 7.7GHz across all cores

    If Intel doesn't get 7nm figured out soon, their CPUs will start to require liquid helium cooling.
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    Intel Acquires Killer NIC

    Well shit I'm sold now! There could be a minotaur or a ghost in that Labrinth just waiting to pounce on my helpless gaming packets! What did we ever do before killer?
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    Intel Acquires Killer NIC

    I'm indifferent. I know some have done well with killer products. I have a killer NIC on my mainboard and it works. It's no better than anything else I've tried. However, the network management software was complete ass. It slowed everything down to a crawl, did the exact opposite of what it was...
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    They just need to shut ANITA down before we confuse ourselves any worse

    So in our universe, if you were to approach the speed of light, we all know time slows down for you. It's like time travel into the future only. But if you were to reach relativistic speeds in the backwards universe, would you start going backwards in time? If you could enter either universe...
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    New artificial intelligence model to bridge biology and chemistry

    Of course there's a risk. There is in everything we do. The problem is that someone is going to make tech like this weather we like it or not. It's like any tool. you can use it for good or bad. Banning this kind of research is like banning people from owning a hammer. even if you did, I can...
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    New to WC, what do I need?

    Yes it can get expensive and boy is setup time consuming. I don't regret doing it though. I'm still using the same parts mostly and it's nearly 15 years later. It was a great investment. You could try what I did, get some of the parts used. If you want to run distilled or deionized water...
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    Ryzen 1700x single rad

    Probably a result of now having a better block on the cpu and a better pump. More coolant flow will drop temps. To a point of course, you'll eventually hut diminishing returns. As suggested, block mounting could also be involved. I'd say at this point take it and run :)
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    The Joys of Bong Cooling

    This pic made me laugh when I took a closer look. Pretty well same water hardware here. Same pump, still running to this day. Water block looks the same. Hard to say for sure, I only replaced it recently. Apogee GT. I even had the same blue tubing wrap.