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    Star Trek will go to Strange New Worlds in new spinoff series

    It is indeed the most god awful sci fi show I've watched in quite a while on track. Its the new series is Episodic then it'll be awesome I really liked the Pike character. Great charisma
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    Nvidia Sued over alleged patent infringement

    I used the word 'computer' today. I am now patenting it and suing everyone for everything for using it for years Thats how these guys work. Dipshits
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    Anthem reboot is only just now entering prototype phase

    I liked Anthem at the start but got bored of it very quickly Love the idea of an ME long as they do NOT change Sovereigns voice. Awesome And I do like the idea of a new ME......but I never got much into Andromeda. Best thing about it was the ship. Nice design
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    Billy Mitchell takes his Donkey Kong high-score cheating case to court

    Well thats kinda shit. Does it go against GFM rules or something?
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    Amazon Releases Gameplay Videos for Upcoming Crucible Game

    Watched 15 seconds of the video, lost interest. It'l get all the PUBG and Fornite monkies into it
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    A radio signal coming from a source within the Milky Way has been detected by astronomers

    Ha Prey. I remember that being a game full of sphincters :D
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    Seasonic has a new take on cable management.

    I like this idea. Definitely I think it would make cabling tidier. Less bulky 24pin cable as well
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    Halo: The Master Chief Collection Is Coming to the PC

    I've been waiting for CE to come out before I started playing it. Not really worried about online stuff. Just want to play them through again
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    Basakwerdz solar'd kinda have to have these motorized to move around to not face the sun? Am i reading that right?
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    The Original Star Wars IX Script Has Allegedly Leaked. And It's Much Better Than The Rise of Skywalk

    I'm a Star Wars fan I suppose, but don't get bogged down in all the bullshit I liked 7....8 was just really was, however I think 9 is better then 8 but left so many things was an attempt to sort out the mess of 8...not sure who could really have done that Also marvel...
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    This Is Probably the Movie Version of Sonic the Hedgehog

    Did it look better to you before because you are a furry? :D Cause that thing was fucking hideous As i saw pointed out, this could have been the best marketing ploy in years. Get people up in arms about a horrible character design, then "cave" to online pressure to make it more faithful and...