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    Alienware Graphics Amplifier

    The fact is that has a decent amount of latency thanks to its design and is only a x4 PCI-E connection. The MSI GS30 is by far a better solution with a x16 Connection without the crappy cable.
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    GTX 970 - Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, EVGA?

    Currently have a MSI Gaming 4G and I would definitely recommend the card - it is a champ and tears through my games and it is silent when my PC is idle :)
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    Quick MSI 1150 recommendations

    Your setup should be easy to quickly find a decent setting - which it looks like you settled on 4.4GHz... my AIO water loop is finnicky with its fans as well so I set it to manual and only kick it into high if I want to benchmark something.
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    Swapping Cards With The Same Driver?

    it is always best to uninstall/wipe/install drivers when putting in a different card. It shouldn't take long and it should avoid any headaches you may have
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    Quick MSI 1150 recommendations

    Surprise extra savings is always awesome :D - If you want to see the results for yourself of how it did then go to XtremeSystems and look in the Intel section - It is has a ton test and results in the thread. The MSI BIOSes are really great to work with - they are by far my favorite to use...
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    Quick MSI 1150 recommendations

    That is definitely a great buy for only $70 - not sure of any better boards you could have bought for that low cost. A friend did some sub-zero testing on one for fun and i was pretty impressed by how the board did.
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    Weird MSI Afterburner Bug?

    What I personally would do if I encountered that issue and couldn't get it started back applying settings - I would uninstall the app and drivers / use a cleaner / reinstall app and drivers. That should help you I would think as I have had the issue come up in the past and that is how I fixed it.
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    NVIDIA Unveils The Titan X At GDC 2015

    So when is the crying and complaining begin about the lack of a backplate?
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    Is an MSI 3 year warranty transferable?

    The only real time you will encounter issues likely with MSI regarding a RMA is when there is physical damage to the part. They are cool with user upgrades, customization, and whatnot so long as it doesn't physically damage the part. That is why I like to use them for my GPUs so that I can...
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    MSI Afterburner question

    The memory speed bump is correct since the speed for DDR is actually stated 2x the actual speed (MHz). And the days of setting a constant speed are gone with the new Nvidia cards since they auto clock so offsets are what are used ( I too miss that and it is only extreme OCers with nicely...
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    GTX 980 MSI vs EVGA vs ASUS

    I find the reference coolers are only good in certain situations - like cases that have bad airflow. I use the MSI since their Twin Frozr coolers are by far the best on the market and are very quiet, and the new ones will turn off while idle to keep the noise down further.
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    MSI GeForce GTX 960 GAMING Video Card Review

    You should try to send an email to the XSplit customer support and tell them of your issue. Hopefully that can help save you some money :)
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    GTX 980 MSI vs EVGA vs ASUS

    I am going with the MSI 980s - I decided to upgrade from a 970 to SLI MSI 980s. I am making a decent MATX build so this should be a lot of fun with only taking up a small space.
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    MSI GT72 Dominator Pro featuring nVIDIA GTX980M graphics review

    This looks like a hell of a rig, I am on the wall about if I want to go with this over the GS30 since I still game on my sofa a lot.
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    Just got my new MSI 290x lightning - Wow!

    On a serious note you could color it in :) correct - two 8pins are all that you will need on air