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    AMD Radeon 6700 XT Launch Live Stream - 10am 3/3/21

    If I had realized exactly how much the prices were going to moon and staying, I may have. There was a lan center in the mall that started liquidation right before Christmas. Had a fairly decent specced desktop with a 3070 in it for $999. But I thought it wasn’t going to be worth the trouble of...
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    EA’s hold over Star Wars games ends with Ubisoft’s open-world announcement

    SWG Classic is what we need. Let Daybreak rise again!
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    Is a Mac Pro (2013) worth it these days?

    I haven’t set a hard budget for it yet. Of course the new Mac Pro is way out of the high end of it and a lot more than I need currently. Maybe one day when they reach these prices. :) Concerned more about not getting enough of a system for the uses and feeling the need to turn right back around...
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    Is a Mac Pro (2013) worth it these days?

    I asked UnknownSouljer the other day his thoughts on if a trash can is still worth it but am curious what the rest of the [H] Apple community thinks as well. Use case is some music editing with hope to improve quality. Second is to start using it for photo management and editing. Third is...
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    Thanks to Apple Your next BMW Might Only Have Heated Seats for 3 Months

    Porsche did. That’s why the 911 996 and Boxster 986 share so many parts. The CarPlay stuff makes sense when you look at it how BMWs are traditionally leased. You pay for 3 years of if, if you’ll use it, and save money versus whatever they were charging extra for it before that. Even if other...
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    Wanting to replace monitor but so many choices

    Unfortunately, no room for 2 27s else I would just get 1 high refresh 27 and then keep the U2711 just in case I needed it.
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    Wanting to replace monitor but so many choices

    Wanting to replace my Dell U2711 as I’ve really gotten away from any serious color work and anything that I do now is fine if it’s a bit off. It’s also missing some of the more modern amenities. I want to definitely increase my refresh rate. I had to make a decision when I went with this one...
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    AT&T lowers price for 1 Gbps fiber to $39.99/$49.99 a month for the first year then $59.99/$69.99 after

    I’ll have to check this out as I dropped AT&T Mobile at Christmas. Plan to drop U-Verse TV soon and was just going to keep Internet until a local Coop finishes their buildout to me. Suspect really good local price wars when I have 3 companies that can all get me 1Gbps down at least.
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    Logitech G600 MMO mouse - $22.99 @ Amazon/Newegg and others.

    May be cheaper in store. I saw it for $18.99 at my local store.
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    Samsung’s stunning ‘The Space’ PC monitor is near its lowest price ever in this limited-time deal

    The Best Buy $250-$50 gift card tempted me real bad. Other than not being IPS looked like a great deal. 1440p 144hz and freesync now with a firmware update at this price without being a B panel supplier looked great. The problem is my desk would not have likely worked after reading into the...
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    XBOX ONE X folks, check in here!

    If it’s the same as when it came out basically you can get up to 36 months of Live, pay the $1 for 1 month ultimate pass and get 36 months of ultimate pass (which includes live and game pass Xbox and PC).
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    XBOX ONE X folks, check in here!

    Blades was easily the best Xbox UI design and yeah it’s gotten worse over time. To be honest PlayStation has gotten bad too. I liked the simple XMB menus on it too.
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    XBOX ONE X folks, check in here!

    My understanding is Microsoft wants to try very hard to make future consoles backwards compatible with what already plays on the Xbox One. So while they probably won’t be adding any new Xbox/360 games to the BC list, going forward your games should work. If you are still really concerned, maybe...
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    XBOX ONE X folks, check in here!

    Lowest price new would be probably finding a Fallout 76 bundle that would be $399.99 or less through something like Buydig via Google Express. Value wise I think Best Buy and maybe some other retailers too were offering a second controller, digital copy of Halo 5 and digital copy of Madden 20...
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    DoorDash Says It’s Very Sorry You Noticed Its Tip-Skimming Scheme

    I have wondered if it’s because it’s one of the few non-skilled jobs that you can her the freedom of really choosing when you work.