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    No one ever did this yet? Use Lumilor paint on a case?

    Well I just found out about lumilor paint but I am surprised I dont see anyone making a case mod with this yet.
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    the Truth about the GPU / CPU Shortage finally explained

    As a programmer, I know for sure I can fix the problem with scrapers. But the problem is the sellers doesn't care for having a feature like this because a scraper will still buy the graphics card and pay for it.
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    As expected, the "impossible" EmDrive doesn't work.

    I have no idea what I am reading but I am guessing this is what happened: 1.) They thought they discovered a way to move things in space without fuel 2.) The movement was caused by heat 3.) Heat doesn't exist in space so it is impossible
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    Recommand Me A Case

    Another interesting one is ghost-s1 where you can make it a bit bigger by adding a tophat. but I wish there was some front io ports. woulld be neat if the top hat can add a bluray drive / front ios.
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    Recommand Me A Case

    yeah saw that and that seems like a good choice for me but still looking for more options. would be nice if i can fit a dtx type motherboard and not only a itx since i think there might be more dtx releases in the future for more powerful motherboards
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    Recommand Me A Case

    Been on a hunt for a small form factor case but still be powerful and can hold a good amount of storage and a good gpu. Now i am thinking of getting this case: But this doesnt look too small and a cube like case. Saw...
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    Listen to relaxing music of halo

    Seems like someone ripped halo music and started a fan site at source:
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    I9 11900k unboxing

    wonder when will they add rgb lights to the boxes.
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    Intel Buys Off Mac Guy

    Mac is slowly going away from intel since the M1 chip. Intel is fighting back saying PC is better Source:
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    AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su Discusses Chip Shortage and Xilinx Acquisition

    yeah for business shortage isnt a problem at all. sure it might lower their income a bit still but way better than too much supply.
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    First 5G powered internet of things tattoo

    dont really see how this is because of 5g, the robot could have just been on a wifi network
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    [Debunked] Cryptominers have already cracked NVIDIA’s RTX 3060 hash rate limiter - Fake News! Read OP

    by the time it will be hacked most likely a faster gfx card will come out. so good work nvidia for doing this.
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    Japan uses Hello Kitty to fight against priacy

    CODA (Content Overseas Distribution Association) is now using Hello Kitty to teach people about piracy
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    RG280V - New Gameboy Style Retro Handheld

    looks cool but is this just an android?
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    CD Projekt Red says it was hacked but won't pay the ransom

    the thing that might hurt them is if they are working on some unannounced games. for example way back when half-life 2 source got leaked there was also code for counter-strike and condition zero. this allowed the public to piece together work that was incomplete and earlier than what the...