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    Help with troubleshooting no video: Precision T1650

    There exist neither flashes nor beeps. Prior to solid white, amber appears quicker than the blink of an eye, which I understand to indicate no fault. Yes, I can test another computer with a VGA port. I will believe the monitor is working fine. So for good measure, I will take your suggestion...
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    Help with troubleshooting no video: Precision T1650

    Thank you for your replies. I don't have another GPU on hand because in trying to keep things simple, I have actually never messed with discrete graphics. Now that I am this far invested, I suppose I might need to take your suggestion and get a graphics card (even though I don't really like...
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    Rendering/Autocad PC upgrade advice

    I think you mentioned a budget but did not specify said budget.
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    Help with troubleshooting no video: Precision T1650

    I bought this five-year-old Dell desktop computer on eBay about nine months ago and finally got around to setting it up today. There is no picture on my Dell display connected by VGA. The monitor's power light is amber; playing with the buttons on the display confirms there is no signal. I think...
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    Ebay 10% off everything. MAX Discount is $100

    When I get a chance I need to find out if this deal applies to petroleum fuel retail gift cards.
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    Facebook Applies for Patent to Figure Out Who You Live With

    This isn't weird or anything. Facebook deserves a lot of trust and money.
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    Fake Google Analytics Script Exposes Vision Direct Customer Info

    I have sometimes wondered what third party scripts run on this forum, but I never got around to looking into it.
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    CDW Outlet Finds

    I know this is a noob question but I don't get why the same product has several different links.
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    Facebook Has Patented Generating Friend Suggestions Based on Real Life Contact

    The more Facebook knows about all of us, the more Facebook can intelligently serve humankind. Pervasive monitoring really does not need to concern anyone.
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    Start Backing Up Your Flickr Photos Now!

    How many owners has Flickr had lately?
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    Google Sign-In Page Requires JavaScript Be Turned on for Security

    When using an up-to-date instance of Firefox on the newest Ubuntu LTS, Bank of America will say the browser is outdated and not supported.
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    Smart Sam's Club Store Opening in Dallas Next Week

    That's what I was thinking. Does this require having a mobile phone?
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    Toyota Will Electrify Entire Vehicle Lineup by 2025

    What exactly is wrong with the Nissan Leaf?
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    The Founder of Mandrake Linux Is Creating a Google-Free Android OS

    This guy is right on with his statement on the dominance of big tech companies. What an abysmal situation we find ourselves in.