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    Diagnosing MacBook Pro Hard Drive Cable Failure

    Are you the first person to see these Macbooks? Could the previous tech who worked on them have damaged the cable? And yes, Computer with bad cables do crash and they do freeze - at least computers running a UNIX/Linux operating system. UNIX/Linux are far less tolleratnt to losing their disk...
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    School me on a 2011 MBP 13

    Just get rid of your DVD drive and throw a 2TB 7200 RPM HDD in there and create a fusion drive. I have a 128GB Samsung 840 Pro fronting a 1TB 5400RPM HDD and it works great.
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    ESXi GPU Passthrough with Mac OS X? Nvidia w/ Radeon

    Your best bet is to go with Linux KVM, not ESXi. Also, say away from Radeon, you will have an easier time with NVidia.
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    KVM, two OS and two nVidia GPU

    There is alot more than just following the article. It is also a bit out of date, shouldn't need pci-stub now. Also you will runing into Code 43 errors within Windows as NVIDIA will detect the GPU is running within a VM. You also want to make sure your HW is compatible. Look through this blog...
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    Requirements for Gaming VM on ESXi 6

    Here is one guy who uses KVM: VFIO tips and tricks: Intel processors with ACS support The big thing you want to look into is ACS support and IOMMU groups. Here is one thread about a guy talking about High End Sky Lake, ACS, and Alex linking to his post on IOMMU Groups: Re: [vfio-users] Want to...
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    Two RAID 1 arrays or single RAID 10 array for ESXi datastore?

    With RAID 10 you would get striping, where as with 2 individual mirrors you would not.
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    Requirements for Gaming VM on ESXi 6

    Hey man, seriously use search on this forum of even Google. Let me google that for you Most anything that can do GPU / PCIe passthrough with Xen or KVM can also do it with ESXi. The main issue you will run into is with ESXi's requirement on GPUs that are allowed to be virtualized, certain...
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    Shared ZFS video editing storage for MacPro

    Why not do regular NFS for OSX instead of translating SMB?
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    GPU Passthrough?

    Read this blog... This thread, has tons of info: Join the VFIO mailing list. I'm currently running a Fedora 23 host and passing through a GTX 760, Creative SB Z, USB Controller to my Windows 10 VM.
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    Esxi Pfsense VM

    I have a DSL modem with the same setup, however when I have pFsense do the PPPoE authentication, it will randomly fail the authenticate, causing me to have to rebooot both the DSL Modem and pfSense VM. To be able to have pfSense authenticate my PPPoE credentials, I had to setup my modem up in...
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    ESXI 6 on Braswell....

    Why not use VMWare Player to install ESXi to a USB drive, then move that USB drive to your system?
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    Is Using ESXi Or Hyper-V For Virtualized Gaming Possible?

    However you cannot get the NVIDIA drivers installed without running into the Code 43 as your are running non-quadro cards. When you run in Code 43 mode, you do not get GPU acceleration.
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    Is Using ESXi Or Hyper-V For Virtualized Gaming Possible?

    +1 for KVM with GPU Passthrough.
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    GTX 980/970 and ESXI

    Then in answer to your OP, you cannot pass through a GTX 9 Series card to a VM. It will have to be a more expensive Quadro card which officially support Visualization
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    GTX 980/970 and ESXI And if you wanted to change your 970/980 into a Quadro, you can apply a patch to the QEMU packages in which you can specify the Device ID you want the VM to see. Right now my GTX 760 is actually Quadro K5000.