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    Blizzard Announces Diablo 2: Resurrected

    Yea I fully expect them to do like they did to WC3, and lock down the game so that mods do not work with it, release it buggy and do only a few bug fixes before moving on from it.
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    Microsoft Repo Secretly Installed on all Raspberry Pi’s Linux OS

    So basically the Raspberry Pi is the Impossible Whopper of the computer world.
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    South Korean cinema halls renting theaters to gamers

    I think you underestimate how long this is going to be a problem world wide... Also i think there are already theaters doing this in the US. I believe one was doing Among us
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    EA Announces Mass Effect Legendary Edition

    No Pinnacle Station for this..... I kinda liked that DLC
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    Which VR headset to buy in 2020?

    I ended up getting the Index and love it. The only thing I miss is wireless freedom. I may look at getting a 2nd VR set that I would be able to drag around anywhere with me (especially since i mounted the Index base stations to the walls of my office), as well as to not have to deal with...
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    AI Company Leaks Over 2.5 Million Medical Records

    Boy, some IT guy is screwed. The company does "SaaS-based intelligent process automation management solutions". It looks like the person put all that data somewhere temporarily, before doing a data import (or maybe they were trying to create a demo to sell the insurance company on what they...
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    Quake III [Bethseda launcher] (free from 8/17 to 8/20)

    2 different giveaways with different effective periods, so i dont see it being that big an issue. the quake 2 thread can be closed once that ends, and this one becomes valid.
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    Star Wars: Squadrons

    Elite Dangerous has a similar power management system, though you do not get to direct shielding to the forward or reverse shields. This needs to have large scale battles or else it is just your generic "COD/Battlefield" clone with ships instead of people.
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    HP Reverb G2

    Yea, I am still "in line" for my Index, and debated just getting this instead, but i think the Index is overall still better (but also more expensive).
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    convince me about Ubiquiti

    Every time i was debating getting something Ubiquiti, i found something else. I wass originally looking at the ER-L but went with a Mikrotik router instead. I was looking at their switches, but I ended up going with used enterprise level gear off ebay. This even got me some bonuses for around...
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    Do you feel gamers have become "soft?"

    Counter-Counter-point?: the game did a poor job preparing the player so that they effectively learned how to use all of the tools properly
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    Who's making moves to get ready for the new release of cards?

    Waiting for confirmation on RTX3000 series card lengths to buy a case. Currently restraining myself from clicking buy on Fractal Design Define C, because i want to make sure the new cards will fit (and not have to get the special version that is shorter). That would trigger the buying to begin...
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    Rocket Arena

    Got excited when i saw Rocket Arena being mentioned in articles. I still think it could be OK, but lots of articles are trying to hype this as the next Fortnite. The game modes look to be fun and more like games of old (i.e. Unreal Tournament), which i prefer. The art style isn't the...
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    Valve Index In Stock at 10am PDT 3/9

    Full kit request was put in early May, and still nothing yet for me