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    5900x VID at > 1.45?

    I feel a little better. I would hope to see more of what that chart calls "Desktop Idle". I mean if I stare at CoreTemp long enough, I might see a couple blips of ~1.0v. But probably spending 80-90% of the time at 1.45-1.48v, not doing anything. Thought Asus might be up to something weird to...
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    5900X $500 on Amazon

    Funny how we all have our own little things. I figured, if the consoles have 8 cores, I wanted 12 "just cause" lol. I wanted the 5900x since release. I already had to mutter to myself last gen, when I had a "lowly" i7 4790k, the consoles at least had crappy Jaguar cores, and I at least had 8...
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    Any Reason Still to NOT get a Liquid Freezer 2 for AM4?

    Thanks guys. Ultimately I only waited a day or two and got one. With it being the last purchase, I def had ants in my pants. I got the 420 version. It was easy enough to mount by myself. Read some weirdness about needing an extra hand, maybe with a different rev or something (I got the 4). The...
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    5900x VID at > 1.45?

    I had been out of the game for a bit. Did a crash course here and Google when finally upgrading. I was surprised to see the VID fluctuating around, but mostly over 1.45 VID on an Asus TUF Gaming X570 pro. Idle is like 41C. I thought maybe I mounted the cooler poorly, but I think it's more the...
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    Any Reason Still to NOT get a Liquid Freezer 2 for AM4?

    Does the Rev 4 hardware basically alleviate all the AM4 woes I been hearing about? Sounds like it might still be a bit of a pita to install, but not toooo bad? Any reason not to get the biggest size I can fit? I realize performance drops off after 280, but for 30 bucks ehh.. Hoping to cool...
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    5900X $500 on Amazon

    Not bad for something being scalped not that long ago..
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    Xbox series X controllers on sale at $40

    Glad to hear the d-pad is better. It "looks" more like the 360 one, and that one was garbage. Ok so maybe it's just that it is disk-like shaped. But the old old one was bad enough I shuddered a little lol.
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    ASUS ROG 15.6" laptop - FHD, ryzen 7 3750h, 1660ti, 8gb ram, 512gb ssd. $699

    Funny, someone asks me today and this one goes up to 899. Any good deals on gaming laptops out there?
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    **It's DEAD, Jim** Logitech MX518 $19.99 / G203 Lightsync $14.99 and more on sale at Best Buy

    I'm still using my G5 at my desk (a lot like the MX518). I wish they made this dang shape in wireless still. Having to go wireless with a Corsair Lapboard I got, for using in front of the TV, drove me nuts. I loved the lapboard, but disliked all the new mice I got to try. Palm grip guy, they're...
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    [DEAD]Steam 2020 Halloween sale is here!

    The DLC is super new. I had just picked up the pass to get the next one too. Everything you've heard about the game good or bad, unless like in the last couple weeks is about the main game. I enjoyed it. That said, DLC is like 30 bucks at the absolute full price. If you want to roll with the...
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    [DEAD]Steam 2020 Halloween sale is here!

    Cool. Been thinking of picking up Black Mesa recently, and half off (10 bucks). Thanks.
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    How Does the GTX 1080 Ti Stack Up in 2020?

    I paid like effective $530 (tax and all) for my 1080Ti 3 years ago, essentially an open box type purchase on a ZOTAC AMP edition. I got a lot of longevity out of her. Kind of went off on a console tangent for awhile there with a new TV. Back in the PC space with a Corsair Lapboard purchase, and...
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    Steam Controller $5

    I bought a link and a controller when 20/25/40 was hot can't remember which. Haven't used either lol.
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    Prey Is $9.99

    I picked it up. With my Gamer's Club thing it was $8.50 with tax... so, yeah. Edit: and now I read the game pass thing :p. Researching though I knew about the 1 month and 3 month deals on that for xbox, which I was sort of interested in. eh..
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    Are Plasma TV's still good for gaming in 2019?

    I only recently upgraded from a 65" Panasonic VT60 Plasma to a 75" Samsung Q9FN QLED for res. The VT60 was good for me. I'm not some like uber competitive gamer on lag. I did swap out an ST60 just to get the figure down catching the VT60 on sale. I'd certainly have been game for a 4k version! I...