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    Microsoft Surface 32GB + Touch Cover

    Surface 32GB
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    Best inexpensive PA loudspeaker (powered)?

    Perfect. My buddy used Behringer's before he got the JBLs and I liked the sound, just couldn't put my finger on the brand. Picked up an active 15" from "Wholesale Music"
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    Best inexpensive PA loudspeaker (powered)?

    I'm looking for a good sounding, relatively inexpensive loudspeaker to take over drinking (loud, lots of people) music duties. I've used Mackie Thump and JBL Eon speakers in the room before (have a lot of dj friends) and both work tremendously, but I'm not looking to spend that kind of money...
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    If Apple's not the best...

    This ^
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    If Apple's not the best...

    I always hear that Apple is overpriced, not the best for the money in the display field, etc... but I can't find anything that cuts it. I got rid of the Apple and replaced it with a low end, high resolution 23" model from Dell as a stop gap. Since then, I've been researching lots of monitors in...
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    Keep the new monitor?

    I've had the Apple Cinema Display for the last 2 years but I ended up putting it towards my new M3 because I was short on cash at the time. I saw the Dell S2309w monitor on slickdeals for $160 or so, and picked it up because I had a $30 credit and it was only going to cost me $130 shipped...
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    To MBP or not to MBP?

    That's got to be a mistake, usually all the temperatures are about in line.
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    To MBP or not to MBP?

    Remember, Macbook Pro with college discount is $1899 and they can be found lower, $1400 or $1500 gently used so its not a big price jump at all...
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    Noctua HSF = Free shipping [Warmie]

    Noctua is awesome. Even list price with free shipping is a good deal in my books.
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    Best External LightScribe From Best Buy?

    That seems like an awful reason to buy from Best Buy. FYI, Lightscribe doesn't really work on Mac. The only company that makes a drive that supports it without major hacking is Lacie, who had a custom driver / firmware created for their drive.
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    Garmin nüvi 760 4.3-Inch Widescreen GPS $199.99 + free shipping

    Amazon moves more units. Why are you surprised by this? Amazon has a lower price on literally every single non clearance unit from Best Buy.
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    Slow Clock on 10.5.4 Vanilla ep35-ds3l

    After a little googling I found that I'm not going crazy, and its not a dead motherboard battery. Apparently the 45nm chips, possibly only when used in conjunction with the XX35-DS3X boards, lose a few seconds per minute (5-10) which results in a seriously off clock. Has anyone here found a...
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    iPhone 2.2.1

    They generally don't list all the changes. I'm guessing 250+mb is not required for those two tiny things.
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    Is this true?

    They're still the best built laptops out.
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    Dell Outlet - 3007WFP-HC for $749

    I am *THIS* close to buying one of these. I've always wanted a 30" monitor and with the 15% coupon its so cheap that I could almost make an even swap for my 23" Apple. On the other hand, I can't imagine its entirely color accurate for photo editing and 30" has got to put a strain on the...