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    World of Warships Enters Open Beta!

    The hardest part of this game is dealing with the whining about subs. Seriously, I like subs and if you don't... git gud n00b 💪
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    Battlefield 2042

    Ugh, thought about buying BG2042 as its on sale but will pass. I'm holding out in hopes of a remastered BF4 but they'd probably screw that up too, lol.
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    World of Warships Enters Open Beta!

    I returned to playing WOWS last June after a 2.5 year break from all gaming. I kept up with the changes by watching Youtube gameplays and reviews so it wasn't difficult to get back in. It was right before the camo re-work and that was a yuge change IMHO.
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    Crysis Remastered Trilogy

    I bought Crysis 1 remastered but getting random audio bugs plus a crash to desktop. Ugh. So I'm taking a break from it. Didn't have this issue with the original Crysis :(
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Crysis1 remastered but it has audio bugs and a crash to desktop so taking a break and replaying Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice for a second time. It'll be my first since its ray tracing graphics upgrade. Also, playing lots of World of Warships too.
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    Voice Assistants Dying, Alexa $10 Billion Loss Expected in 2022

    It's almost 2023 and people don't want machines that are voice only. They want robots that will do house work that isn't just for the floors.
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    2022 Black Friday Cyber Monday Holiday Deals

    It's like this most BF it seems or don't have an immediate need till after BF/CM ends, ugh. I look out for things that I may use down the road, namely gift card deals for dining out. Travel deals were good for CM last year with Jet Blue so I'll be keeping an eye on it again.
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    Steam 2022 Autumn sale is live from November 22 to November 29, 2022, 10 AM PST

    Looking at Resident Evil 3 and HALO: MC collection.
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    Star Wars: Squadrons

    Bought this game and bored a few missions in. They should have added a 3rd person view.
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    RTX 4080: Countdown To Second-Best™

    At these prices I expect the 4060 to go above $500, ugh.
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    Gotham Knights

    oof. Guess I'll just replay Arkham Knight for the fifth time now.
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    4090 Reviews are up.

    Just put on your credit card, lol. Seriously tho. I can afford this card but I'm very happy with 1080p gaming so I'll wait on a 4060 to replace my RTX 2060.
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    Goodbye Origin - EA App is now in session

    I have Star Wars: Fallen Jedi ordered through Steam but it needs Origin to start it. So I installed the EA app that uninstalled Origin but then when I started Jedi Fallen last night it reinstalled Origin 🤪
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    It's Dead, Jim.......and by Dead I mean Stadia

    I remember back in 2001 seeing video streaming demo'd for the first time thinking it wouldn't be accepted over cable or DVDs but here we are with Netflix, HBO Max, Prime, etc. That being said streaming games and TV is not the same but big execs keep pushing it I guess.