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    Riotoro CR1288TG Prism RGB Gaming Case with Termpered Glass, Fans Dual 140mm and 120mm Included - $89.99 Been looking for a decent case with good airflow. Saw that this case was discounted quite a bit on Amazon and seems to be better built than most other cases under $100.
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    FS : Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (Digital) for Xbox One

    I bought an xbox one x bundle for my son, but he's not interested in the game. Would like to sell it, in order to fund another game for him. SOLD, will scan and email the voucher. Heatware: t3chgeek
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    WTB: Intel i5 2nd or 3rd gen and mATX motherboard

    Looking for an Intel i5 cpu (2nd or 3rd gen) and a mATX motherboard to go with it. Thanks Heatware: t3chgeek
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    FS: 3 AMD R9 290x

    last bump
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    FS: 3 AMD R9 290x

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    FS: 3 AMD R9 290x

    prices are OBO
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    FS: 3 AMD R9 290x

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    FS: 3 AMD R9 290x

    I had purchased 6 290x from a seller locally. I only needed 3 for my setup and selling the other 3 290x. 2x Sapphire 290x - - one with retail box - $550 shipped - one with bare card only - $540 shipped 1x Visiontek 290x - $550 shipped I accept Paypal or Amazon Payment...
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    FS: XFX Double D 7950

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    FS: XFX R9 290

    SOLD - XFX R9 290 - Used for about 1 week in a client's machine. He decided to switch to a GTX 780 instead. Will come in retail box with all accessories. I accept either paypal or amazon payment. Heatware: t3chgeek
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    FS: BF4 code , LG G Pad 8.3 tablet

    have 3 more BF4 codes available
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    FS: BF4 code , LG G Pad 8.3 tablet

    I have a few Battlefield 4 download voucher codes and also a brand new LG G Pad 8.3" tablet in black available for sale. BF 4 code: SOLD LG G Pad 8.3 - Black: SOLD I accept Paypal or Amazon Payment. Heatware: t3chgeek