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    Intel's 8th Generation Core Family - Coffee Lake (LGA 1151, 6C/12T)

    I want to see someone benchmark Planet Coaster with 12,000 guests with an OC'd 8700k.
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    lsi 9750-8i with server 2016?

    Kinda curious as to the outcome of this though I'm still running 2008 with a 9650.
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    GTX 1080 Overclocking Results Thread - Post yours here!

    I just got my MSI Armor OC 1080 and was able to push it to around 2100 core (+150 vcore) and 5.4GHz memory (+400) for now with no immediate crashing or artifacting with Unigine Heaven. It seems to crash around +175 vcore, but I haven't really messed with the voltage or power limits too much...
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    I'll probably be updating to a 1070 or 1080, depending on benchmarks, since I'll be coming from SLI GTX 670s I've had since late 2013, so it's time for an upgrade. Not sure if I'd upgrade my current processor (3570K OC'd to 4.5), since I'm not sure if I'm really processor bottlenecked at this stage.
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    What would the coolest running 4TB drive be?

    I can attest to this disk running pretty cool. I upgraded my old RAID array to these 4TB disks, and my old 7200RPM Seagates ran about 42-45C in my 3U 16 bay chassis, but these new 4TB disks barely break 30C on load.
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    How much power is your server drawing?

    Server is running an E7200 processor with an Intel X-25M 80GB SSD for OS, 3Ware 9650SE-16ML with x9 4TB HGST 4TB disks (bought them from B&H when they were like $150), but oddly enough, received their new "Megascale 4000.B" disks (product number HMS5C4040BLE640). They're probably rebranded...
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    4TB disks for RAID 6 on 3ware 9650SE-16ML?

    Has anyone ever tried mounting some 4TB disks on these RAID controllers? I'm curious to know about disk compatibility (beyond that 3ware specifies) if anyone's tried rocking some 4TB Seagate ST4000DM000 or Hitachi Deskstars with this controller? Or should I just go with the WD 3TB Red drives...
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    [H] Pumpkin Carving

    Awesome neighbor to have. FTFY.
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    18TB Hard Drives Made Possible Using Table Salt

    I wonder if humidity can adversely affect performance and/or reliability.
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    Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator?

    They need to rig that setup to something that remotely resembles a rifle. Seriously, a stockless "gun" for the control mechanism? Talk about pretty much aiming everything like a pistol with a vertical fore grip (which would be inaccurate and uncomfortable).
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    This Explains why Rage Sucks on the PC?

    How will latency issues be resolved with terminal computing?
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    My Dell ST2220T arrived!! - subjective analysis of IPS panel

    I love the reviews with plenty of pictures, thanks for that. Indeed looks like a great panel; I'm not much of a fan of 16:9 though.
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    16:10 vs 16:9 - what you prefer?

    Exaggerate much? :rolleyes: Yes, I personally don't like 16:9 myself, and prefer 16:10. So long as that demand still exists out on the market, people will make 16:10 monitors as far as I'm concerned. Besides, I think a lot of what's missing in these 16:9 versus 16:10 arguments is relative...
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    £200 Monitor Recommendation

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    ZR24w & PS3

    Sorry to necrothread, but this is relevant to my interest of hooking a PS3 to a ZR24W I have recently ordered. I already have an HDMI -> DVI cord, but does it scale the game properly in 16:9 (with letterboxing)?