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    PCIe NVMe SSD in production environment

    I've got at work Dell R730xd with 6 NL-SAS 7200RPM 8TB Drives in RAID10. Is was fine for what we use it - hyperv and main storage. OS is Server 2012R2 DC with about 20 VM. 1 of those is around 2TB bit and uses DFS. Recently i looked at perfmon and after a bit heavier work for example i've...
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    Cheap Hyper-V backup solution to USB on host?

    Veeam Agest will not backup VMs. It's only for single OS. But there is Veeam Backup Free. It can backup to the USB but to automate backup of the VM you have to use Powershell.
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    Overclocking a Ryzen 7 1700 on a Asrock x370 Taichi.

    I have Ryzen 5 1600 with Coolermaster masterliquid 120 lite and i was able to overclock it to 4ghz on asrock x370 killer sli (with max around 75degrees C). I had to set Ram to 2933 because i have g.skill ripjaws 3000 but other than that it is stable. I du have some problems with boot. Like for...
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    Go-To SSD These Days

    I went with SM951 - it's oem version of 950 pro. Speed is great - around 2300-2500 read and 1500 write. And it was much cheaper than 950PRO
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    Simplest Administration, Inexpensive UTM With Content Filtering (including HTTPS)

    Meraki is great if you can afford yearly service payment. You can't avid it - without Meraki will not work. And it's not that cheap unfortunately.. I personally use Untangle but for HTTPS you'd have to have paid version.
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    X399 and Server 2016

    You can install them by inf files manually. (In Device Manager )
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    Asrock x370 Killer BCLK not stable

    Hey I've got an issue with my Asrock X370 Killer. When i have it OCed basically to any multiplayer BCLK will not be on 100Mhz but rather on 98-98,5 like here: Any ideas ? I tried to set AM4 training on and off, set IOMMU, CnQ... i'm on the latest bios - 3.40...
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    B350 multi GPU

    Most of the time that secod pcie x16 is really x4 electrically so there is really no point of using that. If you want to use 2 gpus or other pcie demanding cards you should have x370. Second PCIe x16 is in x8 electrical mode.
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    Best socket A/462 motherboard?

    Abit Nf7-S with nforce soudstorm...happy days :D Be careful when you will install cooler... cpu can be easily damaged.
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    BIOS updates for AM4 motherboards

    I've updated bios to 3.40 on Asrock x370 Killer SLI and Ram works at 3066 without any problem (i have G.Skill RipjawsV 3000 CL15 ) stable. No problem with flash. Before that i wasn't even able to get 2400Mhz on memory on original bios. Other than that i have no issues.
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    AM3 to AM4

    Generally it will work. But for that change especially if OS is old you should reinstall windows anyway. Even if it will work it can b unoptimized and there can be problems with performance. Also AMD itself recommend toreinstall windows when you move to Ryzen.
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    1700X wtf?

    Well it's rare but it looks like there something wrong with the CPU.. Especially when previous 1700 worked fine. Maybe MC could test it ?
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    Xeon E3-1225 vs i7-3770K

    Generally i7 will be fine. The only problem will be if you will want to use pci-e passthrough - K series CPU wll not support it.
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    Decent laptops for the basics

    Generally there will be no big difference between laptops. But 8GB ram and fullhd display is a standard right now so please dont buy 1366x768 If you want to just browse the web perhaps maybe it good idea to buy used/refurbrished ? I've got myself Dell XPS13 9333 used and it has some scratches...
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    Need Anti-Virus Recommendations

    In case of paid AV i use Eset so i can recommend it I also use free Forticlient AV without an actual fortigate devices and also recently i've installed sophos home premium beta and i'm testing it. So far without a problem. Don't know how good will he be in the long term.