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    Oculus Rift Sales May Be Suspended as Components Run Low

    Dev kit supply is drying up, and still no word on a commercial release. Hopefully they get this sorted.
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    How to Pick a Programming Language to Learn Today

    Started learning C++ recently. I've always wanted to learn computer programming but always kept putting it off. Wish I didn't, it would make finding a new job way easier if I already knew this stuff...
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    Sony: PS4s Are Going To Be Hard To Find for a While

    I love my PS4, but I really hope some of the console exclusives start dropping soon. I can only play DCUO so much.
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    Comcast Agrees to Buy Time Warner Cable for $45.2B

    I love my 55 Mbps cable connection from Comcast, but I really wish that speed and availability wasn't limited to Comcast alone. And as they buy up the regional ISPs like Time Warner, there goes the hope for competition to lower prices and increase bandwidth.
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    The First Smart Gun Comes to America

    Just wait, it will soon escalate to needing a matching RFID chip. I could see law enforcement doing this in the near future.
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    Why Hollywood Hacking Is So Hilariously Horrible

    I still remember laughing at the theater when I saw Swordfish.
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    Real Twelve Foot Tall Mech?

    Yea, if I was a Japanese robotics engineer I would devote my life to making real life Gundams too. Give it some time; war will be all about Gundams and Metal Gears. lol :D
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    Not All Today’s Students Are 'Tech-Savvy'

    Not surprised. I've seen my younger brother using the computer. I'm the only tech savvy person in my family. This "net generation" just knows how to use Facebook and surf the web for porn.
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    Developer 'Disappointed' On-Disc DLC Being Hacked

    Agreed. Developers shouldn't feel butt-hurt about hackers gaining access to content they locked away on the retail disc. It's their own damn fault if they're going to be greedy and lazy about it.
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    Man Sues Ubisoft Over Assassin’s Creed

    I find it ridiculous that he's suing If anyone is at fault for copyright issues, it starts and stops with the developers. The gaming news site that posts trailers can't and shouldn't be held responsible. Money grubbing idiot.
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    Samuel Jackson In A Siri Commercial

    You might be pronouncing it wrong. It's siri, with two I-s, not suri. :D Kidding, I'm sure it was just a typo. I saw this commercial last night during NCIS. I think it sold my aunt on the idea of getting an iPhone. I was trying to tell her that I don't think it worked that well, but I only...
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    Shipping Damage FTW!

    I hope not. If my driver showed up with something looking like that I'd just stare at him incredulously while he held out his pad for a signature.
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    Man Uses Physics to Fight $400 Traffic Ticket

    Agreed, I'm pretty sure it was number #3 that let him off the hook; reasonable doubt.
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    Random [H] Sighting

    Just another reason for me to watch it.
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    Mass Effect - Resident Evil Video of the Day

    Meh, the video had some okay moments. I was wondering how they nailed the voices, until I read the description and found out the same guy voiced both characters for their respective games.