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    Razer DeathAdder Chroma - $38

    Been using the 2013 DA for 3 years, got the double clicking issue about 8 months ago. Still love it though
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    SSD or HDD in your main rig? POLL

    SSD for boot, everything else on my HD. Broke af dawg
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    Movie Ticket Prices Hit Record High

    ROBBERY. Starplex cinemas with recliner seats offer $8 before 6pm on weekdays, thats when i always go lol
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    Crazy Pokemon Go Stories of the Week

    Saw a car stop randomly on a major freeway for a brief time, initially slowed down but completely stopped and didnt even bother to go to the shoulder. I could only think of one thing
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    Steam Hardware Survey updated with GPUs

    970, the greatest of all time
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    Greenmangaming is having a sale.

    Finally got Doom! Any other suggestions?
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    Looking for Z170 Mobo Suggestion

    I guess for OC'ers, the 12 power phase is preferred on the gaming 7 over the gaming 3's 8. Nothing really significant for me, i just got it at a great price ;)
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    How Fireworks Work

    The whole neighborhood burns down... "that was awesome!"
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    ASUS GTX 970 Video Card $219.99 after $30 MIR

    Better for the mobo i hear xD
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    RX 480 is apparently killing pcie slots

    Everywhere i go, i keep seeing comments about how the 480 is a disappointment, didnt meet the hype, etc. But damn, the 480 blowing shit up now? AMD really causing a ruckus
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    AMD review thread

    With the rx 480 performing just around 970/390 level, is it even worth picking these up when the latter can be had for a cheaper price than the 480 at retail
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    How much do sound cards help?

    As compared to not having one at all