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    AMD 2nd Gen Ryzen 2 2700X Zen+ CPU Review @ [H]

    Longtime Lurker here... Do the new Ryzen 2XXX's have that weird Thread scheduling issue from 2017? The one where moving between CCX's (Say Core 1 to Core 7...) negatively affected performance or hiccuping? I love how AMD is finally getting their Shit together, I miss my old OC Opty 165 on a...
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    Windows alternative to Conky (linux).

    Rainmeter, desktop customization tool
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    fresh 10 install with 7/8 key after 7-29?

    Install and activate on machines (a machine is a CPU/Motherboard combo by Microsoft's Terms) you THINK you may need it on, else you're probably going to be rocking Windows 7 after the promo, lol! :)
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    Need 15" Laptop REcommendations

    New or used? For new laptops, Lenovo normally has some pretty good deals for around that budget. Compare & Buy Laptops & Chromebooks | Lenovo US
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    Founders Edition Early Adopters Paper Tax for 20 Minutes @ [H]

    Check THIS shit out, it's atrocious!
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    Garage Extermination

    Updated (5/4/2016@12:57 PM EST) Hello Everyone! Long time lurker here, been building up a collection of parts to rival a Fry's warehouse and now it's time to kick it all out the curb (preferably in exchange for compensation). My HeatWare is <Link> Reviews/Feedback for Stromknight |...
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    780 ti that only works as a slave card worth ?

    Sounds like a good SLI card, :)
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    Crashfest with MSI GXT 980 Ti Gaming 6G

    It would also help if you posted what your setup was like so we can have an idea. Things like CPU, MOBO, RAM, Hard drive configuration, which version of windows you have installed and for how long have you been running this particular installation (6mo? a year?) since your last...
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    Windows 10 NVMe driver

    According to this post, it's been in Windows since 8 or 8.1 Don't know much about it but it seems like the 8 edition needed a bit of tweaking. I'd see if there was a driver available for the...
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    New rig: SSD vs spinning RAID10: Please help.

    I've been running games on another drive for years now. It's tedious but the reward of not having all your available drive bandwidth being used by windows AND applications is pretty sweet. It's not for everyone, however with the advent of applications like "Steam Mover" and the link which...
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    New rig: SSD vs spinning RAID10: Please help.

    Yeah, once you go SSD, you'll never go back to running an OS any other way. The speed over spinning platters, RAIDed or NOT, is overwhelmingly faster in most cases and even more noticeable in day to day use. You could also RAID a few SSDs in the same manner, it's just going to be a bit...
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    AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Video Card Review @ [H]

    Here's my background, I'm an IT professional working for a big name retailing company. I used to be an in-store tech building rigs of all shapes and sizes, prices and such. I still tinker around on the side with these things due to the nature of my business. I used to be such a great fan of...
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    Can't get 4790K stable with 32GB

    The more memory you add the harder your CPU's memory controller has to work. What was stable before may become unstable later. AT stock, it should read and work with 32 GB, sounds like perhaps you've overclocked and worn something out on the CPU/Motherboard or maybe the RAM is bad (happens)...
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    Platform questions for new Fury Build.

    I doubt Skylake will make or break your build unless you really like better power efficiency and "newer" motherboard features/components. Options by preference are 1) Wait for Skylake (as well as some preliminary feedback on how Fury(ie?)s perform plus 2 month's of driver refinements) and...
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    Windows 10 Latest Preview Build Release Notes Leaked

    "Does anyone have information on how the free upgrade works in the following situation: I use my Windows 8 machine to upgrade. I then change a significant amount of hardware and want to re-install windows after that first year. Since I don't have an actual windows 10 key, how would I upgrade...