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    Why did SLI and CrossFire die off?

    I had crossfire rx480s for a while and in the games it worked well in it was awesome as at the time the rendering power was unmatched. Some games on the other hand hardly got a boost even when it worked, while others flatout were broken or had micro stuttering. So besides extra power draw and...
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    Swapping two 32" displays for a single 38" UW or 43"?

    I am a setup junkie and try as I might I have settled on a 43" 4k samsung tv. I have a 32" hp omen sitting on the workbench and a mobile desk with the old 35" 3440x1440 ultrawide. I sit roughly 36 inches away from the screen and its wall mounted. I use 125% scaling or 150% if my eyes are...
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    Apple M1 SOC platform discussion

    Well i have never owned a mac before but grabbed the m1 mac mini. Besides curiosity i got it so i can expand my mobile dev work to apple. Software incompatibilities aside it is as reviews claim stupidly snappy. Runs silent all the time and produces nearly no heat. It pains me to say it but...
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    Apple M1

    If they did a 17" 16:10 version I would consider it as my dev work depends more on comfort of the machine than speed. It seems for now I will be sticking with the LG Gram 17s although I wish they would drop intel and do an 8 core ryzen. The 1065g7 in the current one isn't super slow but its not...
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    Large 4k monitor vs the Ultra wides

    I have a 35" 3440x1440 ultrawide and a 43" 4k. I ended up using the 43" 4k as my main as it has the right level of real estate. If I had to do it again I would go 43" 4k or 38" 3840x1600 ultra wide. The 3440x1440 is just barely not enough for me to have my 4 windows going at once. So...
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    Has anyone here went from a PC Tower desktop to a laptop ? If so why and do you feel it was worth it?

    I completely abandoned normal desktops in 2018. I keep a gaming laptop for gaming/heavy lifting and an LG Gram 17 for portability. I also keep a ton of hp elitedesk and intel nucs for dev servers and a stack of those the size of a regular mid tower atx is about 20 machines. My main reason was...
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    Amazon Prime Day is Oct 13-14

    The only real deals are amazon branded things like echos and then the 1-2 stock total warehouse deals items if they do a 20-30% off there.
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    For the 96% who failed to get a 3080

    Nothing, my gtx 1080 egpu and rtx 2060 in the gaming laptop are far more than I need. Most the games when I rarely play are 15 years old so 4k 60 fps is effortless even with these cards. I will be keep an eye out for the AMD release out of curiosity. So if I ever decide to do another tower that...
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    PS5 Price Revealed

    I wonder if it will be easy and cheap to mod in a disc drive on the cheaper model. I am sure people will look into it. If they by chance use the same motherboard and just a different case might happen sooner than later.
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    Softbank selling ARM to Nvidia, finally after year of speculation...

    I think they need to take a closer look at themselves as an economy and laws that affect industry as to why they are not that relevant in tech anymore.
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    Softbank selling ARM to Nvidia, finally after year of speculation...

    I would have agreed with this 10+ years ago but more and more major software is going cloud based or running in a browser. As a dev I am constantly getting pulled into nodejs,web dev, and mobile stuff now a days. It is pretty rare now that I do native apps or systems level work. Arm cpus can run...
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    Lenovo P71 getting tired - P73 or other options?

    Not sure if you bought yet but looks like the P15 and P17 just dropped for ordering and labor day sales. So if you want to stick with lenovo worth a look.
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    Olympus quits camera business after 84 years

    Well at least they are still in the microscope business. My olympus stereo microscope is leagues ahead of any amscope or cheaper chinese brands I have tried.
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    ASUS AM4 TUF Gaming X570-Plus $167 Amazon

    Using consumer level boards for professional use cases is a no win situation.
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    Jack Dorsey Tells Andrew Yang: 'AI is Coming For Programming Jobs'

    Anyone that has written very simple classifiers from scratch, RNN, or CNN for example know how far off this is from reality. Even using things like tensorflow to simplify the difficulty, AI is a long long way off from replacing coders. If anything its just another framework skill set as I have...