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    Cheapest way to get into servers

    I'm lead DevSecOps and SRE for an Amazon Partner. Was a VMware and Xen architect before that. Wrangled bare metal before that. So I've seen waves come and go, and I'm not jumping in whatever the latest is. There will always be use cases to address appropriately. Problem is that I've seen...
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    Cheapest way to get into servers

    Cloud costs are directly in proportion to technical debt. If I have a million invocations a month with short run functions, then I don't need to deploy code onto multiple servers or instances in and around application perimeters. Especially for triggered events or essential crud functions...
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    Cheapest way to get into servers

    Your pt about server gear longevity is important here bc e3 and e5 chipsets run forever as either desktop workstations or dept servers. Something to think about since off license gear will get dumped cheap. We even got g6 HP rack gear in for experimental use bc we don't care about support...
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    Cheapest way to get into servers

    You will remember the sound of datacenter hardware fired up outside of a datacenter. Departmental boxes are basically desktops with validated hardware in them that often run in a different performance envelope than 24/7 gear. What’s always been the case is that minding hardware isn’t much of a...
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    Cheapest way to get into servers

    OP is late to the party. There is a movement towards serverless for a reason. If you must learn the minutiae of an underlying OS I’d suggest getting the RHCE book and about anything more resource capable than an x40 thinkpad. LPIC1 is also an option, but Rhel is the standard. GCP or AWS would...
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    NVIDIA Bans Reviewer for Concentrating on Rasterization Instead of Ray Tracing

    Buying a gpu is only a concern when I find a game I really want to play all weekend, to the wire weekday nights, I find myself firing it up for 1 good match before I gotta clock in. Otherwise it’s nothing that bothers me. I was irked by the HWU FE thing bc “frames win games” and all that...
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    Cooling a 9700k and 3080 with high ambient temps

    What keljian said re: nvme drive and Lancool 2 mesh or P500A I wouldn't get Meshify C case, it's too tight a layout with respects to gpu length so you'll end up boxing yourself in. Larger Meshify is basically R6 sized so air velocity can become a factor. I took off my clocks bc Call of Duty...
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    Virtual PC in cloud

    I hate virtualized desktops, I won't work on that side. We have had to build UIs as key value store pass thru to alleviate application pressure on desktops. Isolating puts and gets annoyed my partner Dev, but once he saw the stacking of latency on your average VDi solution he downshifted to...
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    Every desirable video card model is now OOS tonight. Unreal.

    Soon won't Nvidia do ti to shift to people will want a 3080ti bc it's = to a 3090 and we can restart this whole searching for oos items fresh?
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    Curious about the viability of a 9700k/9600k currently

    Most of us Intel owners know we are on a dead platform within 1-2 cpu releases. It isn’t much different with Ryzen but those builds have to chase IPC Improvement, I don’t. Gaming performance is highly dependent on your ingame settings. I’m cool at 180-220fps 1080p or 1440p 150fps with...
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    ASUS confirms GeForce RTX 3080 Ti

    They got the viewership of the big 3 youtubers collimated and fired at Nvidia like a main gun. I don't think HWU will have any issues besides the existing rift with Asrock.
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    Is overclocking FINALLY dead?

    ^ if you look to optimize components. I think understanding when cpu & gpu boost tables apply to your workloads in effort to improve your enjoyment and productivity is a +. No if the old school 300A/Duron "you're getting lots for nothing" ethic is what you're chasing. Definitely no if blind...
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    Apple loses copyright battle against security start-up Corellium Focused on iOS Virtualization

    This is compelling bc testing builds on device farms or doing pre-build device deployment checks has been underutilized. I’ll point to simple bad cut and pastes on iOS and Android that screwed up audio & networking that should never have made sign off. You can have a ball in a forensic...
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    Every desirable video card model is now OOS tonight. Unreal.

    I saw more 3080ti and 3060ti clickbait this morning. Not into being strung along. Once Nvidia iterates rt cores all the content creators are gonna jump to the new and we will get a flood of messaging.
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    What temp improvement should I expect going from 360mm AIO to a custom loop for 5950x?

    OP should consider cooling his gpu as well if he went open loop as those workloads will benefit.